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Tiendas de abarrotes en Fremantle

“Coles Food Supermarket Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm (approx 10 minute walk) Saturday / Sunday 11am to 5pm Supermarket items, delicatestant counter, fresh fish section and Bakery. Some electrical and a clothing section. A beer wine and spirits shops is situated next door. ”
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Delicatessen y ultramarinos
“Great little Vietnamese deli offering delicious Bahn Mi and Pho for lunch. Also the closest place to grab milk late at night when you realise you've run out!”
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“This grocery store is only a 10 minute walk away and sells everything that you'd need.”
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Centro comercial
“Coles Food supermarket is located in this shopping centre.. a liquor/beer store also. A 10 minute walk.. or $2 for the car park.. ”
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