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Las mejores actividades en Flagstaff

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

“Where Percival Lowell discovered Pluto. Fabulous views of the sky due to Flagstaff's Dark Sky City efforts (and designation).”
115recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Walnut Canyon National Monument, only 10 miles (16km) east from Flagstaff along I-40, contains about 25 cliff-dwelling rooms constructed by the Sinagua people in the 13th century along a 1 ½ mile (2400m) loop trail. (Warning: there is a stairway of some 240 steps to get into and out of the canyon; if this is too strenuous, there is also a rim trail). ”
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“A slice of Flagstaff on caffeine. The place has character and really good vegetarian pastries and meals... sometimes live music, and local color. It’s in the heart of The Southside on S beaver street... fun people watching... lots of other good full on restaurants around the corner on South San Francisco St ”
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“Do not miss this important cultural and naturally gorgeous museum and grounds!”
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“Local favorite. Great tasting burgers on English Muffins with an abundance of fries. Be prepared for a line and to sit communal style.”
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Lugar para desayunar
“The Mexican food is plentiful and super delicious. The decor is uniquely Art Deco meets a major Day of the Dead theme... it’s right off 66 and SanFrancisco and has free parking. Hurrah! ”
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“Beaver Street is a family friendly restaurant even though it is a brewery. I personally love the burger and their lovely romantic patio. ”
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“Great for alcoholic hydration. Limited sweets also available. Coffees with and without alcohol. ”
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Restaurante latinoamericano
“Happy hour 3-6 on weekdays- seasonal margaritas and farm to table Latin food in Historic Downtown”
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“Great restaurant in the heart of downtown. Great food and beer. Has a nice patio. ”
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“Fantastic eclectic pizzas, cartoucherie boards and house-made gelato. Original location also serves at the connected Mother Road Brewing Company. VERY LIMITED SEATING!! They also now have a second location with Dark Sky Brewing Company (best location for beer snobs).”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Sprouts is my go to grocery store in town. It has good produce, meats, wine, and healthy items. ”
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Otros lugares al aire libre
“Within walking distance to our property, this obstacle course takes place up in the pines. There is also a kid size course available”
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“Our local movie theater boasts 16 theaters including 3D. It was build just a couple years ago and is fully updated and clean! ”
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“I don't want to give too much away but it is one of the coolest houses you will ever see. The history is very fun too. Spots fill quickly so call ahead for reservations.”
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Restaurante japonés
“Delicious sushi restaurant in the heart of downtown. Has a fun atmosphere. This place is small and gets busy late in the evening so plan accordingly.”
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