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Best things to do in Edimburgo

“There is something for everyone here. You could easily spend the whole day walking through all the different exhibits. My favorite from a young age has always been the wildlife and natural history section. Added bonus, its free entry. ”
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Science Museum
“If you love to explore different views of camera and mirrors you must visit to Obscura. Its a part of castle been converted into camera obscura for travellers attraction. ”
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Galería de arte
“The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is a beautiful red sandstone building on Queen Street housing regular exhibitions and events.”
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Barco o ferry
“Very interesting if you like to see how the royal family travelled and holidaying around the world. It’s a bus journey out of the town centre.”
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Barco o ferry
“Yacht was inaugurated by The Queen. Its open for public view. Very nice view of Edinburgh Ocean Terminal and shore. ”
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Science Museum
“Close to the centre, good for anyone with a natural sciences interest, also has a small soft play. Close to the parliament. ”
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“Fancy a glass? The Scotch Whiskey experience takes you through the history of whiskey in Scotland in the museum and finishes with a shop full of the best whiskeys' Scotland offers!”
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Entretenimiento en general
“Edinburgh has some of the creepiest dungeon and tunnel networks imaginable. It's certainly an interesting experience!”
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“Want to see the weird and wonderful history of medicine in its birthplace? Come to the Surgeons hall museum! ”
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“An amazing Victorian building with a huge, beautiful hall and lots of interesting things to see. Bring lots of time or, as it's free, nip in and out at your leisure : )”
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Galería de arte
“Beautiful paintings in the heart of Edinburgh. Free entrance to regular exhibitions. ”
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History Museum
“The Museum of Edinburgh, formerly known as Huntly House Museum, is a museum in Edinburgh, Scotland, housing a collection relating to the town's origins, history and legends”
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“The Museum of Childhood is a collection of children's toys and playthings, situated on the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was the first museum in the world to specialise in the history of childhood.”
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“Haven’t been myself so you would have to google to ascertain if this something you’d like to visit whilst in the city.”
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History Museum
“Museum that focuses on money, coinage and economics. It is located in the Bank of Scotland Head Office building on The Mound.”
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Galería de arte
“This gallery is - like most of Edinburgh's galleries and museums - housed in a beautiful building (in this case, classical). There is much to see, but check out the Phoebe Traquair tapestries. Beautiful!”
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