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Renta y reparación de coches en Cuernavaca

History Museum
“Also known as the Museo Cuauhnáhuac, this 16th century palace not only houses Pre-colombian artifacts from the area and takes one on a history tour of Morelos and Cuernavaca, but also showcases Diego Rivera's Mural of the Conquest.”
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Centro comercial
“Nice shopping mall. Department store Liverpool and other boutiques. Food court and several nice restaurants to eat.”
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Galería de arte
“This was started by the silver magnet Borda, then it became the weekend home of emperor Maximiliano and Carlota in the 1860´s. It´s a beautiful garden, man made pond or small lake with ducks and a museum. ”
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Centro comercial
“Excellent mall - really has all the amenities, including a movie theatre, a Starbucks and banks. ”
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Sitio histórico
“One of the first built by Cortes, before they found the gold! Austere but inviting. You can even visit the crypt below.”
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“This sumptuous, authentic Mexican hacienda is located in the center of Cuernavaca, the “city of eternal spring.” In the exotic gardens, among the sculptures by Francisco Zúñiga and lush flowers, elegant peacocks strut about and blue parrots perch in the trees. The colonial suites, in their tiled-roof villas, are decorated with beautiful antiques and artworks, including paintings by José Luis Cuevas, Leonardo Nierman and Carlos Mérida. The cuisine goes from traditional Mexican to exquisite international dishes, you have to live the fine service and atmosphere; surrounded by marvelous gardens, exotic birds and an extensive art collection.”
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“Beautiful place for taking a walk or run. On the third sunday of every month they have a green farmer´s market. ”
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Museo de arte
“House of Robert Brady converted into a museum. It has magnificent art and artifacts, a collection from all over the world including work of Frida Kahlo.”
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Centro comercial
“Es la Plaza Comercial más reciente en Cuernavaca, y para quienes adoran andar de "shopping" y de encontrar todo en un mismo lugar, este es el lugar. Cines, bares, fast food, tiendas. El diseño interior de la plaza es hermoso y una estrella extra porque es pet friendly. ”
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Restaurante italiano
“ Known as the best italian restaurant in town Conocido como el mejor restaurante italiano de la ciudad”
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Centro comercial
“Calle Jacarandas 103, Ricardo Flores Magon, Cuernavaca El centro comercial es bueno, amplio, al aire libre, con muy buen estacionamiento, tiendas de marcas reconocidas, restaurantes, un cine muy moderno, área de comidas variadas y para los niños existe la feria con su rueda de la fortuna o el jumping. Manejan tiendas estilo outlet con buenos precios así que vale la pena darse una vuelta.”
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Restaurante mexicano
“Elegant restaurant with outstanding cuisine and magnificent gardens, architecture, art work as if in a private mansion. Attentive service and definitely a place to experience.”
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“his was the weekend home of the Emperor Maxmilllian during the mid 19th Century but built by the Silver Tycoon Borda in the mid 18th Century. It has not only a museum of the period, but also gardens, a lake and coffee shop. ”
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Restaurante mexicano
“International/Mexican Cuisine with fabulous view to the Cortes Palace. Evenings are the best. Located in the centro.”
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Point of Interest
“Calle Galeana 2 Centro [frente al Jardín con quiosco). Recinto con fachada clásica y modernas instalaciones en donde se presentan obras teatrales y conciertos.”
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Housing Development
“Real Mexican Cuisine. Caldo de Habas, Lentejas, Huauzontles, Tortitas de Coliflor. Cecina, Mole, Horchata. Tortillas hecha a mano al Comal. Salsas Martajadas en molcajete. You May visit the Tepoztlan Original Colorines as Well. Worth the Tour. ”
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