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Parques y naturaleza en Northeast Calgary, Crossroads

“We all have busy schedules when travelling, but these sightseeings in Calgary are really worth your while to visit”
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“Prince's Island Park is a very popular tourist spot that is great to scooter, bike, and run around. There is great views and it is close to the Peace Bridge!”
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History Museum
“A great Historical Site of Calgary, also hosts large outdoor events. The Wooden Fort operates from 1875-1914 by the North West Mounted Police is a now a historical museum. ”
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“Fun, eclectic market, with amazing restaurants and sightseeing spots all around.”
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“This is in the centre of Calgary, locates at the top of TD square shopping mall, also called The Core. You can shop and explore the nature at the same time. ”
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“St Pat's is a great summer place with lots to do and many times there are all kinds venues set up for special occasions. Family and friends can stay the whole day and never be bored. Note try to visit when the special events are on because it is a blast. ”
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“Gorgeous park with lots of running and bike paths. There’s tons to do with events/festivals taking place in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Checkout the River Cafe while you’re there. Beautiful spot for a date. ”
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“Great little park with pathways that lead down to the downtown core… Nice view of the city and the river”
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“There are two ways to get to the Bow River walking and biking trails. If you want to go East for an "urban walk" toward downtown, Prince's Island and Stephen Avenue, then go North on 14 St, under the 9 Ave bridge and then over the Bow Trail bridge, then down on the right you'll see the paved pathways. If you want to go West for a "nature walk" to enjoy a natural area with forests and quiet riverbanks, head North on 16 St, cross to the north side of 10 Ave and turn West on 10th until you see a gateway through the fence where you can cross the railroad tracks. Keep going and you will see the paved pathways. The gateway is located across from 19th St before the big roadway overpasses.”
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“There’s nothing more relaxing than floating on a river. The gentle moving current, the sun on your face and the cool water below have the uncanny ability to make your troubles disappear, one by one. It seems like nothing in the world can disturb your peace in those few hours.”
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“Excellent place for a walk, with a big hill for winter sledding or boarding. A skating rink, a tennis court and multiple basketball courts as well, its a outdoor escape for the active traveler.”
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“1800 hectares, with hiking trails, Interpretive exhibits, birds particularly Downy and hairy Woodpeckers”
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“You can get a great view of the city from the hill overlooking downtown and the bow River ”
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Gimnasio/Centro de fitness
“Large fitness facility featuring lane swimming, gym, and fitness classes. ”
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“My favorite place to walk or jog! This path goes a long way and connects to many of Calgary's greatest parks and outdoor spaces!”
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“I love the view of Calgary from this park! Especially at night seeing the city lights light up...”
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