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Las mejores actividades en Copenhague

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Theme Park
“My absolute favorite attraction in Copenhagen. The romantic and iconic park. It is not only an amusement park but also a great place for dinner or a romantic walk around the lake. ”
1256recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Unique place of freedom - a little community/town, within Copenhagens boundaries! ”
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Zona de comidas
“ Large food court with anything you need. Also great for shopping gourmet groceries such as fish, meat and vegetables.”
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“The fantastic garden - where you can get on a rowing boat and get on a tour in the canals. Great place to sunbathe and see Frederiksberg Castle. Next to the Zoo and from the garden you can see the Elephants. ”
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“The meatpacking district has a restaurant for every taste. You’ll find world class Dim Sum, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, Indian food and so much more. ”
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“One of the most interesting parks in Cph is Assistens Kirkegården, a cemetery at Nørrebro where you can enjoy a picnic (which sounds weird and absurd to foreigners but is very cosy and a popular thing to do for Danes on a sunny day) and visit the graves of some famous Danish people like Søren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen, Niels Bohr and more. ”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Little mermaid is within walking distance. This is likely not the most impressive statue you’ll see, but the harbor side is quite nice all in all, fountains, Kastellet and ice cream included. You may also enjoy the view from the sea side if you jump on a harbor cruise, stopping nearby and taking you through the historic canals of Nyhavn. This is a good way to start your sight seeing and get an overview of the city.”
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Museo de arte
“The National art gallery, very impressive art collection, beautiful architecture and garden.”
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“A huge area with nice beach and a Laguna, which is very children friendly for swimming. Also great place for running og go for a walk. ”
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“Ethical considerations regarding the concept of Zoos aside, Copenhagen Zoo comes across as one of the more conscious institutions, particularly due to their focus on animal welfare and natural stimulation of the animals. This is evident when viewing the large spaces the animals have to roam in and natural behavior exhibited by them, which is why we think it’s worth a visit.”
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“The king's garden (Kongens have) the country's oldest royal gardens and were established in the Renaissance style by Christian IV in the early 1600's. Today the gardens are a popular retreat in the centre of Copenhagen ”
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Plaza para peatones
“The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen. You will find most shops you are looking for around this area. ”
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“Amalienborg is where the queen normally lives. Use some time to visit inside the museum, as it is quick and not expensive, but gives a good impression. Nyhavn, New Harbour in English, is the historic waterfront area close to the castle, and is next to a 17th-century canal where old wooden ships are still moored. Enjoy a cold beer and lunch here – or grab a Danish hotdog from the wagons.”
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“Great big park hidden just behind the stadium with endless possibilities if you want to run, work-out, play with your kids on the big playground or simply just relax. ”
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Flea Market
“This and intersecting Steffansgade is one of the most charming little streets in the city, with great shopping, eating, drinking, and generally being merry. Go there!”
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“Stroll down the canals of Nyhavn surrounded by beautiful and colorful buildings and a nice atmosphere. Ps. don't eat here if you're traveling on a budget :) ”
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