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Las mejores playas según la gente local

“Christiania (also called Fristaden or just Staden) is an area in the Christianshavn district of Copenhagen with an area of ​​approx. 34 hectares. In 2010, approx. 630 adults and approx. 130 children with Christian register address at Christiania. Christiania is Copenhagen's fourth largest tourist attraction, which has about half a million visitors a year, but is also characterised by extensive cannabis trade. This place of the city is a must see for foreigners as it is so different from the rest of the city as well as the rest of the world. Here you will find street art, a hippie lifestyle, vegan restaurants and sometimes concerts. It is important to mention that the area is also famous for its 'pusher street' where soft drugs are sold illegally. However, it is completely safe to be there and very family friendly. ”
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“Denamrk is not known for their beaches however they are known to hygge, and one of the much hygge thing in denamrk is to relax at the beach park in amager. ”
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“Special place with a lot of nice places for dinner or cafè.. Good atmosphere..”
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“In June 2010 Østerbro got the new beach Svanemøllestranden. Svanemølle beach is a 4,000 sqm. new sandy beach with a 130 meter long pier into the water. The beach itself is located in the angle between the existing promenade and pier. The beach is staffed by lifeguards during the summer, but the beach is available all year round.”
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“There is also a harbour bath on the other side of the canal right beside Copenhagen Mall (Fisketorvet). They have life guards in the opening season during the day time. Copenhagen Port has 3 harbour baths, but I prefer the local bath due to its closeness, and because it has the best and coziest atmosphere. ”
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“Just a ten minute walk from our flat, you can reach Svanemøllen beach where you can relax on the beach or watch the sailboats.”
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Water Park
“Go sightseeing or swimming. Its a fun arcitechtural building out in the water. ”
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“In CPH, the water in our habour is so clean the you can go for a swim! So do that if the weater allows it. Kalvebod Brygge, is a more quit area then IslandsBrygge which is just across the kanal. Take a swim, and relax in the sun, but bring water, fruits down there. There are no shops around. ”
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“Not really a beach, but people of Copenhagen flock here whenever there's​ a sunny day to swim.”
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“Helgoland is divided into a mixed area where swimwear is compulsory, and men- and women-only areas where it is not. The pool in the mixed area is 35m; the others are 25m. Much of its charm lies in the history, and as the water is quite deep and Helgoland has no diving boards, it is also usually very quiet. So, if you like a peaceful swim without many children about, this is a good place to go. ”
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“The beach is not very high - a 4,000 square meters large triangle with fine, soft sand. However, a 130 meter long bathing pier going out into the water, and the bench that comes all the way out, providing a beautiful view of the water and the city, not least the impressive Svanemølleværket. In fact, surveys show that the beach is the second most popular place to spend a summer day in Copenhagen - surpassed only by the ancient tourist magnet Nyhavn. It is said to be bad for a greenhorn. The original boardwalk is still in use, and on a warm evening, the atmosphere is almost southern, when rolling coffee and ice cream parlors roll over and families strolling under the trees. The promenade is also widely used for jogging, and a weekend day, it is such a place where one can see parents teaching their children to cycle. On the whole, it is clear that it is largely local using the beach and the promenade. Svanemølle beach is very child-friendly, for being slow deep. Moreover, there are lifeguards in high season, and the soft sand is also better for sand castles than the somewhat coarser version at Amager Beach. At the nearby marina keeps winter bathing guild. The waiting list for membership is long, but the beach itself is open to all throughout the year, if you should want a thriller. Just remember that you should never swim alone and not in winter.”
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“Go for a walk at the beach - five kilometers long and Copenhagen's biggest beach.”
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“Sea bath in the north end of Amager Strandpark. The bath is open for everyone during summertime. ”
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“Beach - sunbathing, swimming, volley, canoeing, kitesurfing, rollerskating or just a nice walk with a large icecream”
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