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Parques y naturaleza en Chiang Mai

Las mejores recomendaciones de la gente local para disfrutar la naturaleza

“It is a tourist attraction that collects animals from all over the world, including pandas, koalas, and others, including the aquarium and snow dome.”
  • Recomendado por 55 habitantes locales
“A beautiful royal botanic garden near our villa. with the excellent atmosphere and natural scene that made you feel fresh and energizing. ”
  • Recomendado por 36 habitantes locales
“Small park that's interesting in the late afternoons when you can see locals exercise and play Takraw. Takraw is similar to volleyball, except no hands. ;) ”
  • Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
  • 1 Experiencia
“Artisan village with workshops and souvenirs on sale for you to spend time walking around. Some instragram materials :P”
  • Recomendado por 17 habitantes locales
  • 3 Experiencias
Zoo Exhibit
“Choices of activities here ranging from riding elephant in Mae Taeng river, riding Buffalo cart in the paddle field and Bamboo rafting into the picturesque part of the river. (3-4 hours)”
  • Recomendado por 10 habitantes locales
“trail course to DOI SUTHEP (temple at mountain top) good for beginners to hike.”
  • Recomendado por 11 habitantes locales
  • 2 Experiencias
“Take a day to visit this amazing park, you can see the Doi Suthep temple (entrance fee USD $2). Keep going to upstair the mountain to know more wonderful places and get amazing views. ”
  • Recomendado por 6 habitantes locales
  • Recomendado por 4 habitantes locales
“Beautiful reservoir located inside Chiang Mai University. Great place to relax in the morning and evening. Jogging and sightseeing ”
  • Recomendado por 9 habitantes locales
“It's a beautiful restaurant that's right next to a waterfall. The prices are surprisingly low for the amount of value you get here. The way they light the place up at night is just stunning! I can't recommend this place enough, it's amazing!!!”
  • Recomendado por 3 habitantes locales
“Beautiful park for running/walking. There are paths, a playground, and exercise machines dispersed throughout the park. There are statues and a pretty moat.”
  • Recomendado por 7 habitantes locales
“Right by Chiang Mai University and next to the sprawling zoo in the foothills of Doi Suthep Mountain sits this delightful wooded area that’s totally free to the public. It’s kind of like a nice park where the tropical trees are the main attraction. They’re well-spaced out throughout the lush tropical garden, providing real interest for nature buffs - or just a shady retreat for a picnic away from the hot daytime sun. There’s plenty of flowers too – some of which are rarely found in other cities in Thailand (the elevated position and shade from the mountain allows them to flourish in this particular spot). Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 ocation: Huay Kaew Road Tel: +66 (0)5 338 922 ”
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“Angkaew lake is the main reservoir for University to provide the water around the University. This lake also has the beautiful view for taking photo.”
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  • Recomendado por 2 habitantes locales
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