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“Turin's central square is lined with museums, theatres and cafes. The city's Savoy heart, although laid out from the mid-1300s, was mostly constructed from the 16th to 18th centuries. From the square you can admire some of the most important town buildings: the austere Royal Palace, the beautiful Madama Palace, the Teatro Regio, the Palace of the Regional Council, the Government’s Palace, the Secretariats, the Royal Armory and the Royal Library, containing the famous self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Piazza Castello is also the meeting point of the four major streets of Turin: Via Roma, Via Pietro Micca, Via Po and Via Garibaldi, one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.”
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“E' il centro di Torino, il cuore della città. Puoi ammirare l'antico castello, il palazzo reale, i maestosi portici. It's the center of Turin, the heart of the town. You can admire the old castle, the royal palace, the awesome arcades.”
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