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Top recommendations from locals

“Fue la fortaleza militar de la corona Española en la epoca de la conquista de america. It was the military fortress of the Spanish crown at the time of the conquest of America.”
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“This bar and restaurant is located on the top of Santo Domingo Stronghold which is the biggest of the walled city, here you can enjoy some drinks with the most fantastic view of the sunset and a refreshing breeze. Just make sure to book on time.”
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Centro comercial
“Very modern, nice shops and a nice food court for snacks or a quick bite to eat”
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Foro musical
“Without a doubt, a small piece of Cuba hidden in Cartagena. Café Bar Havana, or the corner of the movement, as they know it in the city, was created by the Spanish Gabriel Mas in 2006. It is located in a sector of Getsemani called the Media Luna Street that summarizes the joy and the enthusiasm typical of the area; Havana is to find a tropical environment that evokes its bars and restaurants with live music and that infect locals and tourists to immerse themselves in the most cheerful and fun party in the city. World-class tourists, including great personalities such as Hillary Clinton or local personalities such as Gabriel García Márquez or Juan Manuel Santos, have delighted their palate with the refreshing spirits offered in this small corner of Getsemani.”
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Centro comercial
“here you find all...clothes, atms, food etc... big jumbo supermercado with all even european food....”
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History Museum
“A collection of pre-Columbian (as in pre Christopher Columbus) artifacts that will give you more insight as to the country ‘s History. ”
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Centro comercial
“This magical restaurant is located in a restored republican house that preserves its architecture, its original floors and walls, which most resembles a Caribbean art gallery. The owner of the Restaurant is Mr. Juan del Mar, recognized in our country as a multifaceted businessman. Within his arts, there are his restaurants, his taste for haute cuisine and his outstanding work as a bullfighter.”
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Entretenimiento en general
“Designed under a bar/nightclub concept by its owner Juan Pablo Borge, La Movida offers a mixture of European delicacy and Caribbean charm with a retro-vintage style. La Movida has a tapas menu executed by chef Rodrigo Díaz that offers small Spanish-inspired dishes. At 10 pm the lights begin to lower their intensity to give way to the party, where you can choose between the living room with crisscrossed rhythms or go to the patio where you can hear the best of electronic music.”
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“Located in a republican house in the historic center of Cartagena, this three-story cocktail bar adapted to various musical environments (Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk and Electro on the rooftop), has evolved the processes of alchemy to achieve the maximum exaltation of its products and thus acquire a perfect sensory harmony in all its products. In its menu, Alquímico extends to gastronomy and the preparation of craft beers in addition to serving excellent national coffee.”
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“The National Aviary is an absolutely fantastic place for bird observation, the place is very nice and well organized, in addition to that you can find restaruants and a very nice gift shop. They also offer a prey bird show in which a trained hawk catches bait in the air. By visiting it you also help local wildlife because the Aviary harbors endangered species. Kids love it and it is the perfect plan if you want to spend a nice day wit your familiy or simply taking amazing shots.”
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““Buen lugar para tarderar y ver diferentes shows realizados por locales Great place for people watching and see the locals performs””
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History Museum
“A mi concepto es el mejor museo. muestra toda la babrbarie que se vivio en la epoca. Indigenas torturados para convertirlos en catolicos. To my concept it is the best museum. shows all the babrbarie that lived at the time. Indigenous people tortured to convert them into Catholics.”
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Sitio histórico
“Place where you get all kinds of souvenirs and emerald. Lugar donde consigues todo tipo de suvenires y esmeralda.”
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“If you like to dance salsa, you must go one night!/Si te gusta bailar salsa, debes ir una noche!”
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Restaurante caribeño
“Aquí podrás encontrar los mejores sabores de la costa. Here you can find the best flavors of caribean”
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“This shopping mall is right next to the building and here you will find some very nice restaruants, coffee shops, jewelries, clothing stores and much more.”
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