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Lugares emblemáticos en Brighton

Sitio histórico
“The Beautiful historic coastal village of Rottingdean is a Half an hour walk away or just a few minutes by car. There is lots of history and Notably the painter Sir Edward Burne-Jones and his nephew Rudyard Kipling, made it their home. Kipling's old house adjacent to Kipling Gardens is still standing, and the former house of the painter Sir William Nicholson is currently open to the public as a library and museum. There is also a 13th Century Church of Saint Margaret with notable graves. Of course its right by the beach, so you can head to the Sea and walk along the underpass all the way to Brighton Marina to City Centre, you can even Hire a BTNBike by the hour.”
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“In Rottingdean village, near the lovely duck pond. These are beautiful gardens; free entry and an almost hidden gem.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“One of the most beautiful church interiors in the UK; will strike even the unGodliest of us with awe. Don't be scared to go in and check it out!”
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History Museum
“This is definately worth a visit. I have never seen a building like this in the world - quite unique. Love the music room!”
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