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Las mejores actividades en Boulder

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

“Started in 1898, is the only Chautauqua west of the Mississippi River still continuing in unbroken operation since the heyday of the Chautauqua Movement in the 1920s.”
266recomendaciones de los habitantes
Plaza para peatones
“Quintessential Boulder with lots of entertainment, shopping, and world class dining. ”
279recomendaciones de los habitantes
Salón de té
“A beautiful place that offers great teas, good food, and a great ambiance. ”
165recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The Kitchen Upstairs is a more elegantly casual environment with great cocktails, food and a chic ambiance. The Kitchen downstairs is a bit more formal, especially good for a special events, date nights, or weekend brunch. Be sure to reserve a table in advance.”
132recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Nice local brewery--the college and grunge crowd. Worthy to visit if you like microbrew! Cool art abounds, and it's okay to hang out and play the games they have on a shelf there.”
96recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Just 10 minutes away by car, Avery is a great place to enjoy local beers, great food and just hang out.”
96recomendaciones de los habitantes
Plaza para peatones
“Great restaurants, street performers, art shops, clothing, camping and kitchen goods.”
87recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante mediterráneo
“Mediterranean Regional Food and great for groups! There is something for everyone!”
90recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Minutes from the house is the Mt. Sanitas trail. 1400 foot elevation gain to the top for panoramic views of the front range or just a quick stroll to the top of the Valley trail to enjoy the views of Boulder and CU.”
73recomendaciones de los habitantes
Lugar para desayunar
“Love Snooze breakfast restaurant and it is very popular/ weekends = long waits to get in. They specialize in large waffles with amazing toppings. Great for a huge cabro load.”
90recomendaciones de los habitantes
Farmers Market
“I love the Boulder Farmer's Market. It runs early April through September (google it to confirm dates) but has a lot of crafty items, food, and flowers, artwork etc. ”
88recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Wonderful work/reading space all day long, then live music in the evening! Coffee, beer, & wine.”
84recomendaciones de los habitantes
Foro musical
“Art deco institution since 1906 for various music shows & mostly avant-garde films.”
83recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Great views at the top! Be aware this is a moderately challenging trail. You are walking uphill the entire way up, but it's definitely worth the beauty. ”
86recomendaciones de los habitantes
Grocery or Supermarket
“1/2 mile West of our location; Focus on providing locally sourced food and high standards on meats/seafood may find some items to be more expensive than national chain stores. ”
75recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Here you can find classic Napoletana pizza in an elegantly casual setting in Boulder, CO. They offer an excellent selection of beers, wines, and amaro-based cocktails.”
81recomendaciones de los habitantes