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Galería de arte
“The Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna or MAMbo is a purpose-designed museum of modern and experimental art in Bologna, Italy”
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Museo de arte
“The National Art Gallery collects the evolution of the Bolognese painting school, from 1300 until 1700 in more than 300 art pieces. Sometimes even locals and not aware of the importance of their painters, who have been extremely productive.”
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Convention Center
“Bologna Fair, reachable in 15-20 minutes without traffic. Or 35-40 minutes during the peak time. ”
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Bar de vinos
“Osteria del Sole is a very ancient tavern (opened in 1465) that has kept unchanged its simple and popular style. For this reason, it's a point of reference in Bologna: you can sit at the table with strangers, sharing food (bought in outdoors shops) and chatting in front of a glass of wine. ”
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Club de jazz
“For more than 20 years, this place has been combining the best traditional Bolognese cuisine with a wide range of wines and the force of jazz and swing, played here live and acoustic almost every night. An institution in town.”
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“FICO was born out of a passion for the heritage of Italian agri-food biodiversity. In just one place you can learn about the culture, traditions, and craftsmanship that make Italian food the most famous in the world. Enjoy the experiences we have designed for you every day: tours to explore crops, animals, and factories, classes, multimedia rides, and restaurants.”
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Galería de arte
“The Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna is located in the fifteenth-century Palazzo Galvani building once known as the Hospital of Death. Founded in September 1881 by the merging of two separate museums: the one belonging to the University of Bologna and that belonging to the City of Bologna. This museum is among the most important in archaeological finds in Italy and is highly representative of the local history from prehistoric period to Roman Age. Additionally, its ancient Egyptian collection is among the most important in Europe. ”
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Cine independiente
“the only movie theater in town with a nice original language movie program. (in itlay we dub everything). three rooms.”
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“Past and future, challenges and successes, vision and determination: the Ducati Museum is a journey through the legendary 90-year history of the Company, renowned across the world for its style, performance and the search for perfection. ”
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Bar de vinos
“Camera a Sud is a quite place where you can have wine or good cocktails and if you wanna eat they have food as well :)”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“In this plaza you can view the neptune statue. Why neptune? Because in the past Bologna is not so different to Venice and it has a lot of canals. From a particular tiles you can view an optic effect where one finger of neptune seems... ”
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“Inside the beautiful Church of Santa Maria della Vita (founded in the second half of the 13th century) a true masterpiece of the Italian sculpture can be seen: it was modeled by Niccolò dell'Arca in the second half of the 15th century and it depicts a Lamentation over the Dead Christ. You will be impressed by this piece of art.”
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Club de jazz
“Jazz, funk, soul, gospel, rock... High quality live music and entertainment in the center of Bologna!”
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History Museum
“Il palazzo è un esempio di architettura bolognese del XV secolo, acquisito successivamente dalla famiglia Fava (da qui il nome Ghisilardi-Fava). Alcune sale del museo hanno affreschi dei Carracci. Il museo contiene un ricco nucleo di monumenti sepolcrali - per lo più trecenteschi - dei dottori dello Studio bolognese, prodotti dalle botteghe di grandi lapicidi del tempo: Roso da Parma (sepolcro di Pietro Cerniti del 1338), Bettino da Bologna (sepolcro di Bonifacio Galluzzi del 1346), Jacopo Lanfrani (sepolcro di Giovanni d'Andrea del 1348), Il museo conserva inoltre opere di produzione longobarda (crocette in lamina d'oro), un acquamanile in bronzo di origine sassone, la statua di Bonifacio VIII in rame e legno (opera di Manno Bandini del 1301), il piviale proveniente dal convento della basilica di San Domenico, con Storie della vita di Cristo e della Vergine, rilevante esempio di opus anglicanum degli inizi del Trecento. Inoltre una raccolta di codici e libri testimonia la tradizione bolognese nella miniatura.”
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“Maggiore impianto sportivo della citta' ospita la squadra di calcio nelle partite casalinghe. Distanza 5,6 km circa in auto”
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“Not only for cinemaddicts (cult movie archive, showings, exhibitions, workshops and much more..)”
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