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Lugares emblemáticos en Bogotá

History Museum
“A Must :-) It is the oldest in the country and one of the oldest in the continent, built in 1823. Its fortress architecture is built in stone and brick. The plant includes arches, domes and columns forming a sort of Greek cross over which 104 prison cells are distributed, with solid wall façade. The museum houses a collection of over 20,000 pieces including works of art and objects representing different national history periods. Permanent exhibitions present archeology and ethnography samples from Colombian artefacts dating 10,000 years BC, up to twentieth century indigenous and afro- Colombian art and culture.”
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“The capital's main square surrounded by the Cathedral, Congress, City Hall and close to the presidential palace. Check this off your list while walking through Candelaria district. Before coming down to the plaza you can find many little spots to have a bite or a coffee”
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“The Teatro de Cristóbal Colón (The Christopher Columbus Theatre), also known as the "Teatro Colón", is located in Bogotá, Colombia and it is the nation's National Theatre. It was built in the Neoclassical style by the Italian architect Pietro Cantini in 1885 and inaugurated on 27 October 1892 [1] on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the discovery of America with a performance of Verdi's Ernani. [2] The auditorium was constructed in the tradition horseshoe-shape and modelled on the layout of the Palais Garnier in Paris, but only about half the size.[1] The Colón Theatre was declared a National Monument on 11 August 1975, and underwent renovations for three years.”
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History Museum
“Next door to the Museo Botero, the 10-room Casa de la Moneda houses the Banco de la República's impressive numismatic collection, which also tells the story of the nation where the Americas' first gold coins were minted in the 1620s. Visitors learn about the technology of minting and the history of the 18th century building and receive a commemorative coin. Admission is free. Mon - Sat 9 am - 7 pm Sun 10 am - 5 pm”
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Sitio histórico
“ Es una destacada obra arquitectónica y artística, en su rica ornamentación se resume la inagotable labor artística de talladores, escultores, artesanos y pintores criollos y extranjeros. Su altar mayor, fabulosa creación de Ignacio García de Ascucha y Lorenzo Hernández de la Cámara, es una de las obras maestras del tallado colonial santafereño. *información tomada de la Alcaldía de Bogotá.”
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Rental Car Location
“Centro Comercial con supermercados, casino, tiendas de ropa, zapatos y accesorios, bancos, joyerias, restaurantes, peluquerias, librerias, gimnasio, spa y cine.”
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