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Lugares emblemáticos en Berlín

“Engineering marvel of the DDR (German Democratic Republic). Expensive 20 EUR trip, but you can find discount passes. There is a restaurant and a bar at the top. The view is beautiful both during the day and during the night.”
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Sitio histórico
“The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) commemorates the division of Berlin by the Berlin Wall and the deaths that occurred there. The monument was created in 1998 by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of Berlin. It is located on Bernauer Straße at the corner of Ackerstraße and includes a Chapel of Reconciliation, the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, a 60-metre (200 ft) section of the former border, a window of remembrance and a visitor center. Source: Wikipedia ”
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Sitio histórico
“This famous historical sight is just 20mins away by foot. Visit the museums and amusement features on sight and have lunch in some of Kreuzberg's most famous restaurants. You could also visit its notorious bars later in the night. Enjoy! Nearby sights are the Topography of Terror and the Jewish Museum.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Cycle past this amazing and eye-opening grass-roots historic true-Berlin landmark.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe by Peter Eisenman, with an unmissable underground documentation center.”
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“Berliner Dom is the most beautiful cathedral in the City of Berlin, it is located beside the Lustgarten Park, Spree River and nearby the Museumsinsel. You can rest in the park in front and take a lot of stunning images! 30mins away by bus (Bus 200 from Potsdamer Platz)”
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Capitol Building
“Climbing up the dome and seeing the federal parliament at work is one of Berlin's most popular attractions. This is unfortunately not as convenient to access as it once was. It remains free but visitors need to book a few days in advance through the Bundestag website.”
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History Museum
“Fantastic cool experience! Guided tours in the under grounds of Berlin. Lots of different languages available. Get the deeb rooted history under your skin!”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Pay 3 EUROS, have an excellent workout climbing up the stairs and enjoy the fantastic 360° view over the whole Tiergarten park, with all the major sights lined up at the periphery. Feels impressive, Central Parkish. Plus you are almost at arm's length from a giant golden angel. Divine. (Not so the local mock name: "Goldelse", something like "The golden Elsa".) Not recommended if you are afraid of heights and /or claustrophobic.”
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“one of the more agreeable preachers on the pulpit. the old Belfry has a little eye-opening historical exhibition and mosaics which say alot about fucked up state-religion relationships in this countrys troubled past”
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Memorial Site
“Monument for fallen Russian Soldiers during WWII surrounded by the great Treptower Park alongside the Spree. Great for a Walk. ”
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“Best bridge in Berlin. 2 sides to walk on depending on what you want to smell. Next door to East side Gallery so good for a combined visit. ”
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Capitol Building
“Neo-Renaissance style parliament building with a Norman Foster glass dome and panoramic city views.”
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History Museum
“A very interesting museum dedicated to the Cold War era and East Germany's oppressing regime.”
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Capitol Building
“ If you are in Berlin, one of my highlights is the German Reichstag. The visit there can be combined with a breakfast or lunch in the Käfer restaurant. However, you have to book in advance. It is worth it!”
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Sitio histórico
“History of Berlin, right here, still there. You can walk there. Don't miss it. ”
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