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Escena gastronómica en Basilea

“Arguably the best coffee place in Basel. Sometimes the service is a bit snobby. Gets crowded on weekends.”
36recomendaciones de los habitantes
Bar de cocteles
“This is a bar with high-quality cocktails (even bartenders go there for a drink on their nights off). Also, the ambience is very nice - the entire place is like a hangar with an industrial vibe, the ceilings are super high and there is plenty of couches.”
30recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante tai
“Like Asian? This is the place to go. In the evenings make sure to make a reservation.”
23recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Best italian-style coffee in largest café house in the country! Free WLAN, a lot of space - what else do you need?”
32recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante vegetariano/vegano
“This is one of my favorite places to eat. They have a buffet with all kinds of exotic and local high-quality food. It can also quite pricey but it's definitely worth it! Also very vegan-friendly.”
27recomendaciones de los habitantes
“One of our favourite restaurants in Basel – not only because it is literally across the street. Perfect for a nice dinner somewhere between comfort food and fine dining. Reservations are recommended, but not always necessary. And sometimes there are two seats left at the bar. If you feel adventurous try the «Menu Surprise» with 3 - 5 courses which is always really nice (Unfortunately you can only order it for 2 persons or more, without any special dietary needs or wishes, vegetarian included. But the menu is diverse enough to suit these needs too.) ”
31recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante de comida rápida
“Be it nightclubs, bars, cinemas or restaurants -the Steinenvorstadt will be one of the most vivid places of the city at night.”
20recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Place to enjoy thai cuisine. You can also find there indian and japanese dishes, but all of them have thai flavour.”
25recomendaciones de los habitantes
“irish pub in the city center, on the weekends it is more like a club and always crowded.”
22recomendaciones de los habitantes
“It's one of the most popular bars in Basel. You should definitely pay a visit. Also with a smoking room for our smoker fellows.”
20recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Also a small and cozy café, I'd also definitely recommend. They mostly speak French (but of course also English and German) there, so it is one of the places around here, where you really realize how close this district to other countries is.”
14recomendaciones de los habitantes
“It is a unique cozy place with local homemade food.Definitely would recommend to drink coffee there and maybe treat yourself to a quiché or some delicious cake or waffles with ice cream (they are famous for the best ice cream in town). They are also vegan-friendly.”
29recomendaciones de los habitantes
Centro comercial
“Most prestigious shopping center in Basel. Famous for it's glamour and variety of luxury brands and delicious exotic foods.”
20recomendaciones de los habitantes
“American Cuisine, good quality Hamburgers also one dish with vegetables which was extremely delicious last time I had it!”
18recomendaciones de los habitantes
Tienda gourmet
“From food to clothing to any gadgets you might need - they have a good supply of seemingly everything.”
11recomendaciones de los habitantes
Zona de comidas
“It is a big hall with lots of separate stands with (street-) food from all over the world. You can even eat deep-friend grass-hoppers and worms there.”
16recomendaciones de los habitantes