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Lugares emblemáticos en Barnim

History Museum
“Fantastic cool experience! Guided tours in the under grounds of Berlin. Lots of different languages available. Get the deeb rooted history under your skin!”
113recomendaciones de los habitantes
Memorial Site
“This is one place in and around Berlin of Germanys saddest history. If you are interested in the impact of wrong politics to people and folk, this is a place you should go and experience yourself.”
12recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The church and its congregation played a crucial role before and during the Wende (or peaceful revolution) in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in the autumn of 1989.”
19recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The industrial monument of the former Willner Brewery opened as an arts and cultural center and a beer garden. Nice place to enjoy beer and pizza away away from the more touristy places.”
17recomendaciones de los habitantes