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Tragos y vida nocturna en Amsterdam-Centrum

“For a classic beer or a seasonal I visit brewery ‘t IJ. Years ago I worked in Brewery the Prael and often visited them, how we could learn from them as we were still pioneering. They also have the one-off specials. Great selection of characteristic Amsterdam craft beer. Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing quality beers since 1985. It all started when musician Kasper Peterson looked for an official outlet for his experimental home brewing. As a member and composer of the band Door Mekaar, he fell in love with the Belgian style beers while touring south of the Dutch border. Since similar beers were not yet brewed in Amsterdam, Kasper decided to produce them himself. Searching for a suitable building to start an official brewery, he stumbled upon an old municipal bath house in disuse. It still had its water supply and drainage system, easy-to-keep-clean tiles and steam generator. It was, in short, the perfect building for a brewer. As a bonus, it had the biggest wooden windmill of the Netherlands right next door as the ultimate landmark. The pioneering paid off and ‘t IJ gradually grew into the biggest and best known brewery of Amsterdam. After more than twenty years, Kasper decided his work was done. Bart Obertop and Patrick Hendrikse took over and continue brewing the distinctive kind of quality beers ‘t IJ has become known for. Since demand was so much higher than supply, a new brewery was opened at a mere 700 meters from the original location in 2013. The original brewery at the Funenkade now produces all the beers for consumption in the bar in the same building. The new facilities at the Zeeburgerpad enable us to fill a significantly increased number of bottles and kegs. We manage to keep up with demand a little better and are still able to offer you an exciting experimental brew occasionally. ”
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Foro musical
“Very cool industrial-vibe bar and restaurant with sandy outdoor area for lounging. Children can play in sand!”
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“Take the ferry by the central station to get across the IJ-river and to Hanneke's boom, a nice, superrelaxed spot by the water”
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Join us for chicken and burgers!
“So many beers to try at a great location in front of the entrance of the Oosterpark and the Troopenmuseum, so make sure to visit. Might get busy in the afternoon, so don’t come late to reserve your spot. ”
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“They have the best apple pie. So if you like apple pie it is a must visit!!!”
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Restaurante caribeño
“Hip and young Amsterdam likes to visit this place to drink a beer and have some food. ”
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“The A’DAM tower is located north of Amsterdam central station and can be reached by ferry (5 mins). It has a viewing terrace which offers spectacular views over the city. ”
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“Busy street, but typical dutch with nice stores and a couple of cafes and restaurants.”
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Bar de hotel
“Also a roof top bar (inside only) which is in the city center near the Central Station. It’s quite touristy and I think it’s more like a international bar then an Amsterdam bar but I have to say the view is nice! ”
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A relaxing bar close to Oosterpark.
“At the beginning of the Linnaeusstraat, in front of the Tropenmuseum you can find this nice cozy bar with loungy interior. Great outdoor terrace to enjoy the sun and have breakfast or lunch. In the evening the bar is opened and you can also get some nice meals. Overall a great place to hang out and drink cocktails. Sometimes a DJ plays some relaxing tunes during the weekend. ”
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“Jimmy Woo is an exclusive 2-storey nightclub with elegant Asian-themed bar & dance floor. At Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18.”
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Cine independiente
“A small cinema not part of the big chains with a nice feel factor and a nice bar. Frequented by students.”
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“Lunches, dinners & snacks in a lively cafe-bar close to the Skinny Bridge, plus event hosting. ”
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“'Bow for the drink' at one of the oldest distilleries of Amsterdam. This tiny place is great variety in liquors and a tasty beer called 'de Rijk'. With good weather you can stand outside, enjoy your drink and meet other people. The crew is always very friendly and will explain you all you need to know. Please note the're open from 2pm to 9pm.”
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“Do you want to know what a real Dutch café looks like? Wanna go where the locals go? Go to Café Thijssen! Order some 'bitterballen' and a Heinkenen beer and feel like a real Dutchie. ”
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“One of the oldest cocktail bars in Amsterdam! Looks quite Dutch and nice as well. ”
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