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Las mejores actividades en Amsterdam-Centrum

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Sitio histórico
“Almost a must visit when you come to Amsterdam. Make sure to make a reservation in advance as its a very popular museum.”
1247recomendaciones de los habitantes
Museo de arte
“Rijksmuseum offers a representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, and of major aspects of European and Asian art.”
1520recomendaciones de los habitantes
Souvenir Shop
“Great collection of Van Gogh's works and on his life. Do make a reservation beforehand online, you need to book a timeslot!”
1014recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The oldest animal zoo in the Netherlands. Perfect place to have a fun day (with our without kids!)”
799recomendaciones de los habitantes
“For a classic beer or a seasonal I visit brewery ‘t IJ. Years ago I worked in Brewery the Prael and often visited them, how we could learn from them as we were still pioneering. They also have the one-off specials. Great selection of characteristic Amsterdam craft beer. Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing quality beers since 1985. It all started when musician Kasper Peterson looked for an official outlet for his experimental home brewing. As a member and composer of the band Door Mekaar, he fell in love with the Belgian style beers while touring south of the Dutch border. Since similar beers were not yet brewed in Amsterdam, Kasper decided to produce them himself. Searching for a suitable building to start an official brewery, he stumbled upon an old municipal bath house in disuse. It still had its water supply and drainage system, easy-to-keep-clean tiles and steam generator. It was, in short, the perfect building for a brewer. As a bonus, it had the biggest wooden windmill of the Netherlands right next door as the ultimate landmark. The pioneering paid off and ‘t IJ gradually grew into the biggest and best known brewery of Amsterdam. After more than twenty years, Kasper decided his work was done. Bart Obertop and Patrick Hendrikse took over and continue brewing the distinctive kind of quality beers ‘t IJ has become known for. Since demand was so much higher than supply, a new brewery was opened at a mere 700 meters from the original location in 2013. The original brewery at the Funenkade now produces all the beers for consumption in the bar in the same building. The new facilities at the Zeeburgerpad enable us to fill a significantly increased number of bottles and kegs. We manage to keep up with demand a little better and are still able to offer you an exciting experimental brew occasionally. ”
715recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The famous Dam Square! Go shopping or visit different tourist attractions, there is a lot to do here! ”
779recomendaciones de los habitantes
“the major museums are all located on this square, also the iconic I AMSTERDAM letters.”
843recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Take the free ferry behind Centraal across the IJ river to the Film Museum. Really nice cafe at the museum and bike around and explore Noord's art studios and galleries.”
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Centro comercial
“Walk through the famous 9 Streets! Cosy coffee shops and beautiful boutiques. ”
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Foro musical
“Great venue located in an old church, very atmospheric for a concert. Tiered balconies, quick service at bar. In this beautiful building you can find artists performing every night. Check their website to see their program. ”
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“Small children can swim in the Westerpark, you will see the swimmingplace if you are halfway in the park. Its a 20 minutes walk. ”
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“Lots of bars and clubs there. Check out the Melkweg, Paradiso, Sugar Factory, Waterhole, Bourbon Street...”
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Museo de arte
“Cool contemporary art museum with interesting exhibitions. Very good museum shop as well. ”
387recomendaciones de los habitantes
History Museum
“Great for the entire family. Interactive museum about the Dutch seafarers history.”
523recomendaciones de los habitantes
Museo de arte
“It just opened their permanent collect earlier this year, you will find lots of interesting contemporary art and design”
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“For a raw salted herring with raw onions or fried fish, I often buy from the fishers family. The market has also a great potato man, selling the best of the nest potatoes and a bit further the market you find my cheese seller. Dutch people often buy all kind of local cheeses and put them on a wooden planche ones friends arrive. Great for nice summer evenings with a glass of red wine or port. My favourite is Kernhem, a creamy red soft cheese with a great texture. But old Amsterdam (Gouda style) is also nice and a strong flavour and a bit salty taste. Also nice for pastas and bread rolls with real butter.”
423recomendaciones de los habitantes