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Esenciales en Aarhus

Restaurante francés
“3 courses at the low range of the prize spectrum. The food is amazing, but there is not a lot of seating in-house. There are two quite similar restaurants in the same street: Sct. Olufs and Oli Bistro ”
Recomendado por 54 habitantes locales
“The best drinks in town! They also have good food, but don't forget to book a table for Friday and Saturday nights.”
Recomendado por 45 habitantes locales
Bar de vinos
“Cosy little place, fairly priced, nice treatment and good wine. The owner Sabine, is always up for a chat if she is around, and both nice and knowledgeble. They have a few outside places for serving too.”
Recomendado por 17 habitantes locales
“Wine bar and wine shop. Taste the wine before you buy a bottle. Enjoy your own food with the wine you buy here.”
Recomendado por 3 habitantes locales
“Good place to get fruits, vegetables and a broad assortment of other things at medium-prices. ”
Recomendado por 18 habitantes locales
Meal Takeaway
“Nordly makes good food and don't charge to much. It is possible to eat there even though they call it a take away restaurant. This old villa has a nice atmosphere.”
Recomendado por 2 habitantes locales
Recomendado por 3 habitantes locales
“Føtex is the nearest supermarket, but unfortunately also the most expensive one. ”
Recomendado por 13 habitantes locales
Tienda departamental
“Salling Department Store is a shopping experience out of the ordinary. The department store is located right in the middle of pedestrianised high street 'Strøget'.”
Recomendado por 19 habitantes locales
“"Netto" is placed just around the corner - perfect for grocery shopping :-)”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
Recomendado por 10 habitantes locales
“Kvickly is just next door. It is a big supermarket that has almost everything you need. They also have their own bakere where fresh bread is made every day. The bakery opens at 7 AM, the supermarket at 8 AM until 20 PM.”
Recomendado por 7 habitantes locales
“Cool place serving primarily Spanish wines. The owner is kinda weird, but in a cool way. You'll know him by his short height and many tattoos.”
Recomendado por 1 habitante local
“The closest place for grocery shopping. This is in the cheaper end of grocery shopping.”
Recomendado por 3 habitantes locales
Recomendado por 4 habitantes locales