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Best things to do in Aalborg

“The most famous night club street in Nordjylland Night life starts from 21:00”
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“ For a nice day out, I would definitely recommend to visit Aalborg Zoo!”
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Museo de arte
“Surprisingly good modern art museum for a city of this size. They have an interesting permanent collection and changing exhibitions that often push the boundaries of art. Being a Finn myself, I love going to this modern art museum because the building and the furniture in the cafe were designed by a Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. So this place reminds me of home.”
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“My favourite cafe because of the laid back decor, big pots of teas (great selection of tea, which is not very normal in this land of coffee drinkers) and good pastry. They also have a good list of little savoury things like salads and sandwiches.”
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“It's right behind the train tracks behind the flat. It's easy to cross under by the station. Will take max. 5 min to get there. They have "singing trees" which each plays a song by one of the famous artists which have performed in AKKC.”
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Point of Interest
“Experience Aalborgs newest building for music. Go to a concert or just go for a walk in the house. ”
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“This is an old power plant turned into a culture center. It is worthy to check out the impressive lobby, but you also find restaurants and cafes, movie theatre that shows indie movies, small art gallery and a gym with a climbing wall. There are also many events (e.g. every first Saturday of the month the is a local food market) so its a good idea to check what they are offering. The place is only 300 meters away from my apartment.”
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“Aalborg Tower is a 55 meter high tower in Aalborg, The tower stands on a 50 meter high hill, and the top is thus 105 meters above the fjord. You can climb the tower and see the view of most of the city and the Limfjord to Nørresundby. At the top of the tower is a restaurant with seating for 50 people.”
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“Eklektisk and different place with atmosphere and nice cafe courses. Also a great place for cocktails and a night out.”
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“Aalborgs kulturhys i det nedlagte kraftværk. Her er alt fra sport til biograf og restauranter til skoler og meget mere. Aalborg's culture house in the former power plant. There is everything from sports to cinema and restaurants to schools and much more.”
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History Museum
“The burial site of Lindholm Høje is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments in Denmark from late Iron Age and the Viking Age. Several hundred stone circles indicate the tombs. In the museum, you can see an exhibition on the lives of the Vikings on Lindholm Høje as well as an exhibition on the ancient time in the land of the Limfjorden. ”
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“Aalborgs other shopping street where you can find stores with domestic and international brands such as Jack & Jones, Peak Performance, H&M, Venini (shoes) ect. ”
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“Aalborg streetfood er placeret i smukke omgivelser tæt på Limfjorden og i Aalborgs populære vestby tæt på skudehavnen og Fjordparken.”
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“The site of an old amusement that bankrupted some time ago is now a green park that on a warm sunny day attracts skaters and young people to hangout in the green grass. On the south end of the park you can still find the main entrance gate that reminds of the glorious past of this park.”
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Jardín de esculturas
“afholder ofte gode forestillinger hvor publikum er tæt på skuespillerne og giver fornemmelse for drama når det er bedst live og tæt på”
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Bus Station
“Public swimmong pool and recreational area during the summer. No entrance fee!”
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