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Los mejores parques en Aalborg Centrum

“It's right behind the train tracks behind the flat. It's easy to cross under by the station. Will take max. 5 min to get there. They have "singing trees" which each plays a song by one of the famous artists which have performed in AKKC.”
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“The site of an old amusement that bankrupted some time ago is now a green park that on a warm sunny day attracts skaters and young people to hangout in the green grass. On the south end of the park you can still find the main entrance gate that reminds of the glorious past of this park.”
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Paseo marítimo
“Aalborg havnefront is an old industrial and harbour area that has in the past 15 years transformed into an attractive and modern water front. Its a great place to go for a walk. There are two bridges crossing the fjord which both are accessible for pedestrians so this makes a cool little walk of about 40 minutes where you can see Aalborg from Norresundby side. Beware that its often way more windier by the fjord than rest of the city so dress up something windproof and warm, especially in the winter :)”
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“Nice place for swimming, playing and relaxing”
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“Aalborg Castle. Althought doesn't look like a traditional castle, maybe it's nordic or viking style. ;)”
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