Ethnic Dinner Night in Downtown Amman
Join in with your friends for a nice atmosphere, delicious food from Jordan + all over the world, and lovely chats with interesting locals and travelers.
Experiencia de 2 hora
Anfitrión: Yazan
Información sobre la experiencia
Experience local and ethnic food scene with locals and travelers in the most vibrant cultural space in Amman.
Sobre el anfitrión
Yazan is part of the Jadal initiative that offers an open space, where cultural activities and knowledge sharing fuse to evoke and spread new societal values. The project aims at encouraging creativity, innovation and collective activities that benefit the community. It also creates a space for self-exploration, questioning, sharing skills and experiences, critical discussions, reflection and artistic expression.
Qué haremos
Arrive at Jadal and enjoy your night
$15 por persona
You cancel anytime
Qué incluye
Open buffet dinner and a special locally-made artisanal gift.
Conoce hasta 9 viajeros como tú.
Dónde nos encontraremos

Highway 31, Amman, Amman Governorate 13080, Jordan, Amman, Amman Governorate 13080, Jordan