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Experiencias únicas en Kyiv Oblast

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Todas las actividades cerca de Kyiv Oblast

Borodyanka, Bucha, Irpin, Banksy & more graffiti tour
War is terrible, but somehow it often inspires creativity – at least in Ukraine that’s always been a land of creators. Banksy started supporting Ukraine since the very beginning of full scale rzzn aggression, and he came here after liberation of Kyiv region from the #russianfastists to leave his marks at some of the most memorable places of the war. Welcome to my tour to see some of his works outside of Kyiv – and also see some of the places there were in the news. Yes, you’ll see ruins and places of terrible tragedies. But we will concentrate on art and creativity, giving hope for better future. In addition to Banksy works, we’ll also see graffities of Italian creator TVBOY and also of some local authors. I’ll pick you up in your location and bring you back in the end. The tour will give you a great impression of the latest events in Ukraine plus lots of photos and videos. Don't forget to charge your camera!
Recorrido urbano por el metro de Kiev
Experience Kyiv Urbex Tour you will explore two objects: drain tunnel system or underground river and nuclear bunker During exploration of the hidden side of Kyiv with experienced guide you will go throw the tunnel system under streets and visit one of the forgotten cold war nuclear bunkers - Direct experience from Urbexer by Heart - Discover part of 53 km tunnel Labyrinth - Explore forgotten Cold War Era artefacts Are you ready for city adventures? This tour takes approximately 3 hours of your lifetime in active adventure. Other things to note The experience is NOT RECOMMENDED: - people suffering from claustrophobia - people who can not get into the usual manhole - people suffering from low back pain or back problems - people have excess weight or heart disease - people wha have more than 46 (EUR) feet size
Kyiv y sus recovecos
Most interesting places in Kyiv are usually hidden from the eye of passer-by. Or you should simply turn your head up in the right place. Dive into secret backyards of Kyiv, learn why janitors were playing an important role in the life of the city, eat Ukrainian pies in the most delicious (and not known by everybody) bakery, explore the beautiful well preserved architecture which is bordering the abandoned buildings. See the ruins of Kyiv behind the golden domes of the city. Enjoy the beauty of street art, turning grey walls into masterpiece. Discover secret and speak easy bars in Kyiv, hidden between old garages or buildings that are falling apart. See what is the life like behind Kyiv 5 star hotels. Find out beautiful ruination in Kyiv – the city of contrasts. Other things to note Food, drinks and transportation, entrance tickets (in case you decide to visit a paid spot) are not included. No cancellations because of a rain - we bring umbrellas;) Make sure not to come hungry;
Sesión de fotos cinematográfica y excursión en Kiev
Welcome to Kyiv! I am glad to be your photographer and guide. During a walk around Kyiv, we will stop to take photos at well-known and hidden spots of Old City. I will tell you some stories about old Kyiv, and after our journey, you will receive a link with great photos of your trip to Kyiv. Other things to note: If you have any questions - ask me, and I will respond ASAP. Or if you want to shoot somewhere else - let me know.)
Ukraine Through Wine & Food in historical downtown
Before the war, this tour was one of the most highly rated in Kyiv. One may say it’s still not time to drink wine. But wine businesses need to work, and we, Ukrainians, prefer to celebrate life even now. During this hard time we all try to do whatever we can for our victory, but we also try to make things working – finally, to be able to donate. Let me introduce you to Ukrainian winemaking and wines. While having this experience, we’ll make a walk through one of the most atmospheric and historical parts of Kyiv. I’ll show you some of its hidden gems and tell you where locals go. The main point is showing you the neighborhood in a ‘not for tourists’ way. And I’ll be glad to tell you some interesting facts about rich and long past and fascinating present of Ukrainian winemaking. I’m pretty sure wines of our ‘old new world’ will be a sensation in the nearest future. We will round up the tour in a Ukrainian wine bar where you’ll be able to taste some of them – some of the best ones. The price of the tour does not include the tasting itself because it’s only up to you to decide what exactly and how many wines you want to try. I’ll be your guide, your sommelier and your companion in the tasting. After the tour I’ll send you a PDF with even more information – a guide you can use to go on learning more and tasting other local wines. Welcome to the experience!
Tour to Chernobyl
My friends, and we want to invite you to spend 1 day in the "last century", check everything on personal experience. We suggest visiting the dead city of Chernobyl. We will get acquainted with the city of Chernobyl, Pripyat, with a nuclear power plant, we will visit a huge facility built at the SRSR "Duga Radar", with the city of Pripyat This tour will charm you. The tour program can be changed depending on the daylight hours.
Photoshoot and juice coffee in Kiev
Мы встретимся в центре города и пойдем смотреть и фотографироваться, куда туристы, как правило, не ходят. Это очень красивые и необычные места, которые завоевывают сердце. Также мы можем покататься на киевском фуникулере, метро и трамвае. Мы сделаем все, что вдохновляет и оставляет незабываемые впечатления о городе. В конце прогулки, помимо впечатлений, у вас будут классные фотографии, которые будут напоминать вам об этом дне. Другая важная информация Если у тебя есть какие-либо вопросы, спроси меня, и я сразу же отвечу! Если хочешь фотографироваться где-нибудь еще, дай мне знать.
Tour sobre los secretos de la arquitectura soviética
UPDATE - I am back to Kyiv, the experience is available, I will be happy to guide you! We will start our experience with exploring so called "monsters of Soviet modernism", located outside of the central part of the city. It's an impressive university area,where buildings seem monstrous but beautiful at the same time. I'll show you huge Soviet facades and concrete relieves loaded with ideology, calling for the bright future and progress, fulll of symbolism & allusions. It is also a place where world-famous music bands and singers often shoot their music videos because of the unusual, monumental settings. Then we'll see an example of a massive brutalist architecture with its heavy unusual forms. I’ll also show you the building that was featured in the famous Chernobyl series. Next, we'll walk into an area created in the past to demonstrate Soviet industrial and agricultural achievements. We'll discover richly decorated "stalinist empire style" buildings with Soviet symbols, emblems, awards, statues of workers & collective farmers. During this experince, you will learn curious facts about architecture, history and ideology of the past, as well as about the life of normal people. Other things to note This experince will be great for you, if you like exploring untouristic, off-the-beaten-track areas and if you're fond of architecture, symbolism and history.
Monta en una máquina del tiempo en Kiev
Time to go off the beaten path and feel retro in the Lower City, or Podil. We will ride our time machine (old funicular) and go downhill to explore a special, quite shabby but charming neighborhood where tourists rarely set foot. Old churches springing at every corner, a local market with frowning ladies and friendy babushkas selling home made specialities, symbolic fountain showing struggle between good and evil, shabby red trams that seem to sway as they move - will make us feel nostalgic. We will admire the view from the riverport and find street art that many travelers know from the photos but just a few are able to locate. Midway, step into the red kingdom of "cherries" to warm ourselves up with a famous Kyiv drink. We will also find a hidden pharmacy with mysterious cellars which will remind us of alchemists trying to make gold in old times. Other things to note This off-the-beaten path tour will help you know Kyiv from a different perspective and spend a nice time, learning curious facts about our history, architecture, lifestyle and culture.
Sesión de fotos y excursión en Kiev
You will get photos for yourself with you in the city landscapes with nicely looking backgrounds in hidden yards or in front of famous places in Kiev. I take into account your personal desires to create more interesting photos and city experience and I offer my photographer`s vision. You get all color-edited Photos downloadable in high resolution and 10 photos in retouch. I will contact you the day before the photo walk and you will be informed where we meet. How to understand that you meet me? - I will be in contact with you all the time before meeting. If you have some more ideas, please inform me beforehand.
Kyiv Metro Tour
Whatever happens out of the blue, the fact that today and tomorrow it will take 8 mins to get from Druzhby Narodiv to Zoloti Vorota always brings some certainty into unpredictable life. Where to find the last not demolished Lenin of Kyiv Metro? Why Kyiv Underground did not become number 3, after London and Istanbul ones? Where to find the fossilised remains of ancient organisms in Kyiv metro? Why did some stations of Kyiv underground become ghost stations? Are the tunnels of Kyiv metro suitable for producing French cheese? How has the deepest metro station in the world been built? Metro “into nowhere” Learn this and much more about innovative engineering solutions, challenges and traditions of Kyiv underground. The most beautiful and most original Kyiv Metro stations. And no panic when hearing: “The doors are closing” because we will stay and enjoy learning about the most popular public transport in Kyiv.
Cazadores de arte urbano
I will take you to a labyrinth of lanes, yards, curved alleys and corners that surprise you every 20 steps with murals, weird street installations, funny sculptures, creative posters and hipster hangouts. Kyiv is among TOP street art hotspots in the world now, rich in provocative, fun, patriotic and socially conscious artwork. Murals are only a part of our walk - we will also see cool works made of wire, dry trees, forks and nails, mosaics, stone, paper, iron, kitchen utensils, plaster. And a recent trend in Kyiv- mini street art. Among highlights of the tour, we'll see and decipher: • Stimpank installation financed by police! • Revolutionary and patriotic murals annd mosaics • ART park with weird installations • Mini-monuments and applications that could fit on the palm of your hand • A place where every guy wants to take a picture • The “golden sink” fountain • Animal art melting your heart :) • Optical illusion • The narrowest street of Kyiv • Relationships mural that will make you laugh • Works by Guido van Helten and Fintan Magee!! • Hipster street with secret coffee shops, art gallery and concept stores • Pagan idols where modern pagans still pray and bring sacrifice And many other cool spots. Let's get closer to the modern art and culture of Ukraine.
Awesome Kyiv PhotoTour
We'll combine exploring the hidden gems of Kyiv while I'll be taking memorable photos of your trip. You'll see Kyiv's traditional and alternative sides together with the most picturesque places of the city. You will get casual photos for your trip as well as portrait photos, and, in a couple of days you will get up to 20 edited photos of you. The tour is designed only for individual bookings.
Come, bebe y pasea en Kiev
UPDATE 2023- I am back to Kyiv! The experience is available, I will be happy to guide you. We'll hit some of the brightest landmarks of the center to learn more about Kyiv's history, architecture and lifestyle! AND we'll make several stops to grab authentic street food and drink at hidden places on our way ! No burgers, no falafels - only typical local things. I will tell you interesting facts about the sights we'll see while walking, so it is not just about food- it is about knowing the city!:) We'll start our experience at the heart of Kyiv with a legendary Soviet speciality. It exists for 38 years & it was the first fast food in the city :) We'll see a spot where the Chernobyl TV series was filmed and continue our walk through a labyrynth of yards with a Muslim garden and an unexpected street art. We'll drink coffee in a hidden hipster place where they play chess, ping pong, feed birds or are immerced in computer screens. We 'll try traditional baked pyrizhky with curious fillings and kompot at an iconic location, that opened almost right after the World War II. We'll sit on a bench in the park, hugging one of the cutest retro-monuments and eating a traditional Ukrainian bite. We'll continue in a hidden coffee shop, a meetup place for artistic and creative minds. We'll finish at a colorful market to taste caviar, salo & home-made things :) See you!
Full Kiev City Tour By Car
During this General Sightseeing Kiev Tour By Car you will have a great chance to see the whole city, even if you are short of time! An experienced guide will take you to the most interesting sites of the city and will tell you many amusing stories. You will go through the ancient historical part of Kiev (Golden Gate, St.Volodymyr's Cathedral, St. Michael's and St. Sophia's Squares with all the attractions around) and also will visit the old aristocratic area (House with Chimaeras, Mariyinsky Park and Mariynsky Palace, some magnificent, elegant mansions and luxury detached houses, etc.), as well as you will see the Soviet Kiev (Motherland Complex, Government District and some other state buildings). Besides that, you will explore amazing Podil, very ancient but so vibrant district! This is the area with Kiev River Porе and with one of the oldest Universities in the Eastern Europe, the zone of many lovely churches, small but cute chapels, impressive museums and nice original dwelling houses! Nowadays Podil or Podol is one of the most visited tourist locations, a popular place to enjoy some open air folk festivals, concerts and cultural events, in addition to having a great time in cozy and good restaurants and bars. TAKE THIS FULL KIEV CITY TOUR BY CAR, THAT'S THE BEST WAY TO KNOW THIS CHARMING AND ADORABLE CITY! WELCOME, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO GREETING YOU SOON IN KIEV!!!
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