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    Hice un reclamo en mi banco por un cargo de Airbnb. ¿Qué sucede ahora?

    When someone disputes a charge with their bank, a dispute process called a chargeback is initiated.

    What’s a chargeback?

    A chargeback is a formal payment dispute initiated by a consumer with their bank.

    Chargebacks are usually filed by someone when they’ve noticed what they believe to be an unauthorized, incorrect, or unexpected charge on their account.

    If you’ve filed a chargeback, you’ll need to contact your bank for more details on how their particular process works.

    What happens once a chargeback has been filed and the dispute process begins?

    Once a chargeback has been filed, it can take up to 90 days for the bank to resolve it. You can check the status of this process, or cancel it, by working with your bank.

    While the chargeback process is ongoing, your bank may temporarily deposit the disputed amount into your account—it’s important to note that this amount comes directly from your bank, not Airbnb. If it’s determined that the charge from Airbnb was valid, then these funds may be taken back by the bank.

    Will I still be refunded by Airbnb if I disputed a charge?

    When a chargeback is filed, Airbnb is no longer able to resolve the dispute with you directly, and any refund you receive will come from your bank and not from Airbnb.

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