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Experiencias únicas en Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian

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Tour y cata de aceitunas
Olive Tour & Tasting is a unique experience just a 25-minute drive north from Kalamata. Special offers for kids over 12 years old! During your visit, you’ll walk in a century-old olive grove that have been groomed and harvested the antique way for over 4 generations. Next, you’ll learn about the production of olive oil in a private mill. Lastly, you’ll finish with an olive oil tasting lesson and learn about the great benefits of olive oil. A funny lesson that you’ll taste olives and olive oil of different qualities along with some traditional Greek snacks. Live a unique experience! Taste Greece! Other things to note The area is flat, no need for hiking, but a pair of boots is always useful. In the olive mill there is a wc and a kitchen if you need something. Free wi-fi.
Walk around the mountainous Aegina and its gems
Are you a hiking enthousiast or a history lover? Aegina has a network of paths that used to connect the whole island since old times. Throughout our walks, we approach different sights according the level of difficulty, the needs and the desires of the team! We make sure that the choice suits you! Number one natural sight of Aegina, the Ancient Olive Grove (Eleonas) stands out, on the west, with a plus visit at the village of Pachia Rachi! Above it, the highest top, Mount Ellanion, boasting the remnants of Zeus temple next to a byzantine church! Moving central, the Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa approachable by a scenic circular path! Or a beautiful hike among pine trees discovering old villages. On the north, the byzantine castle city of Palia Chora, plus a possible visit to the Monastery of Saint-Nektarios. Moving South, the village of Perdika, for a round walk including the area of the old bunkers, or heading straight up to Sfentouri area to the Dragon Houses for a panoramic view. Choose one or a combination and there we go!
Navegación por Nauplia en grupos pequeños (comida incluida)
Amazing traveler, hop on Nafplio4sail (sailing boat | catamaran cruises) & swim into the most beautiful and secluded beaches of Argolic Gulf! Use our offered snorkelling equipment in crystal clear waters, try the SUP or just lay down and enjoy Greek sun! Our team will go above and beyond to preserve your sea vibes while experiencing complete calmness, privacy & sea games. Program: • We set sail from Nafplio port towards beaches accessible only by boat near Ksiropigado for our first swimming stop • Then, if wind power is enough, we open sails and head for our next stop, a cave and a beach at Daskaleio & Romvi island • We sail around Romvi island, take a look of Tolo and start our way back to Nafplio • Through the cruise, our crew prepares meals, drinks and shares historic facts of the area Additional info: • This semi-private cruise, based on our boat protocol can host up to 12 people on board (10 +2 crew members) • The sailing boat is 36 feet long with 3 cabins and 2 toilets • A full, onboard safety briefing is conducted prior to every departure • All touch-points are frequently cleaned • Due to weather conditions, itinerary may change to a safer destination or not set sails Nafplio4Sail cruises team is ready to set sail with you. Contact us to discover our complete list of offered experiences.
Ξενάγηση με την μοτοσυκλέτα σας στην ορεινή Αιγιάλεια
Αφού φτάσετε με την μοτοσυκλέτα σας στην πόλη του Αιγίου σας καλωσορίζουμε πίνοντας καφε στην όμορφη παραλια μας. Κατά την διάρκεια της γνωριμίας μας θα κάνουμε μια σύντομη περιγραφή της εμπειρίας μας και ξεκινάμε! Θα περιηγηθούμε στα βουνά του Αιγίου με τελικό προορισμό μας τα Καλάβρυτα. Θα περάσουμε από ιστορικά σημεία που θα βγάλουμε φωτογραφίες όπως το φαράγγι του Βουραϊκού, η λίμνη Τσιβλού, το μοναστήρι των Ταξιαρχών και της Μακελλαριάς, το διάσημο τηλεσκόπιο Αρίσταρχος και άλλα πολλά σημεία. Θα επιστρέψουμε στο Αίγιο μετά από 8 h περίπου όπου θα μας περιμένει ένα πλούσιο γεύμα.
Russian Christmas Eve Supper By The Sea At Yanina Kai Parea
You will be greeted and seated at 7:00 PM promptly with a refreshing aperitif. Russian Granate Martini Introductions to the other guests and then seated for Elegant Russian Christmas Eve celebration meal, 6 courses. Canapé: Caviar Salmon Mini Blinis Appetizer: Stuffed Russian Deviled Eggs with Red Caviar Salad: Russian Vinaigrette with Beets and Sauerkraut Salad: Russian Olivier Potato Salad The Main: Russian Pelmeni Dumplings Dessert: Russian Napoleon Cake (Napolyeon Tort) This is a 6 course Christmas Eve meal including dessert. Limited Seating Available
Kalamata para foodies
Our tour will last for approximately 3 hours exploring and eating our way through the historical centre of Kalamata. We will stroll around the Historical Center of Kalamata and stop at selected stops where you will taste traditional food and snacks, typical of the region. I have integrated within our tour, expertise and information on valuable nutritional information, gastronomical history facts, interesting knowledge regarding the Mediterranean diet as well as an insight on the food culture of Greece from the ancient times until now. We meet and present ourselves and what we will do and which path we will follow along our food tour. There is little preparation involved and we soon visit our first stop to start the tasting. I will make sure that you walk in the shadow, have regular breaks to enjoy the route as well as time to take photographs of the stops, food and surroundings you visit. I believe it is essential that you feel the Greek hospitality and make my best for you to enjoy this tour! Through this tour you will sample Greek traditional food, walk in non-touristic areas of the city, visit the farmers market (extended market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays), eat lunch and meet local people. I hope you enjoy it! Other things to note The tour involves some walking in the morning sun. Consider wearing a hat, sunscreen cream, sunglasses, and flat shoes.
Secretos y rincones especiales de Meteora
If you like ordinary tours, this experience is definitely not for you ;-) Meteora is an area full of delightful​ hidden sites and remarkable untold stories. Join this experience to discover the secrets of this land, through the eyes of a passionate local. First of all, I will customize the tour to your hiking skills. We will make easy walks/hiking visiting some of the most beautiful locations and we will take our time to feel the rejuvenating energy of the landscape. We will visit amazing hidden view spots, we will do aromatherapy discovering wild medicine plants and I will show you how the powerful element of water created this massive geological masterpiece. We will feed our senses with refreshing smells, birdsongs and we'll take our shoes off to make the connection with the smooth solid earth. We will talk about wild edible plants, geology, history, spirituality, about the special energy of this area and the life of the extraordinary monks who lived in this phenomenal 'wonder' land. We will end this tour with a pic nic and we will enjoy organic, healthy homemade cookies, nuts and local fruits. Feel free to contact me directly for time adjustments, larger number of participants, groups or private customized tours (my speciality) !!! Other things to note : You don't have to worry about your hiking skills or special clothing. This experience is suitable for all of you!
Explora el lago azul y el templo de Hera con lugareños
We will explore the wide area of Loutraki with amazing natural beauty, elements of its ancient history and wonderful beaches. I will be your escort to this great experience in order discover the hidden gems that make this area so special. First we will drive to Gerania mountain, right next to the town of Loutraki. Our first stop will be at 700 meters of altitude to important Osios Patapios monastery. We will admire the Corinth Golf and the Corinth Canal from above. We will talk about out the history of the area, enjoying the amazing view. Then, we will drive to the very end on the mountain through olive tree fields heading to the Temple of Hera and the great Lighthouse. You will feel the unique aura of this "open air" museum and imagine how ancient Greeks where using this location as a port and aqueduct. Our final destination will be Lake Vouliagmeni or "Blue Lake". The salty lake is a place of amazing natural beauty. We will swim to the crystal clear water and enjoy our refreshments.
Meteora Hidden Beauties
If you like nature walks, history, geology and photography you found the right person to guide you around the area of Meteora. My ancestors inhabited in the area of Meteora and the village of Kalampaka for centuries. This connection with the magnificent landscape is imprinted in my genes. This strong energy guided me to explore all the aspects of this phenomenon. Due to my scientific background, as a biologist, I was urged to discover all the hidden beauties and the secrets of this magical land from my own unique perspective. Would you like to experience it? If the answer is YES!!! Let’s take a walk together! Be my guests!!! We will do simple walks in nature surrounding the towers of Meteora in the area of Kalampaka and Kastraki. We will see and talk about the geological phenomenon and how everything was formed in the area. We will see and talk about the flora and the fauna of the beautiful Meteora nature. We will follow the human footprints of the prehistoric and ancient times of all the cultures and civilizations that inhabited the area. We will walk the spiritual paths of the hermits...
Yoga al atardecer en la isla de Paxós
Uplift & balance your mind, body & soul with this energizing sunset yoga session. You will be taken to one of the most majestic places on Paxos for sunset yoga. We'll do a little bit of trekking to get to our spot, as we'll be taking the trail to the place of Sterna Elliniki, an astonishing and huge water tank built during the era of the Venetian rule. Practice mindful breath & movement around the elements of nature: sun (fire), air, water and earth, on top of this incredible round water-collector, gazing at the scenic view, while the sun will slowly be setting before your eyes. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Suitable for all levels. Mats are provided. NOTE: Please contact me for the schedule before you book, because it does change from week to week, and there's a chance it won't be up-to-date here!
Una clase llena de tradición
A unique course of ancient Greek pottery. The lessons combine theory with practice. -You come into direct contact with clay and practice in the pottery wheel. -You learn how to illustrate your ceramics and practice on a ceramic fragment using slips of clay (non-toxic) as the ancient greek potters. This hands-on experience allows participants to better understand and assess both the technique and the art form. The end result of this learning experience is knowledge which accompanies you long after you have completed the workshop, either as an indelible memory or as a starting point for further pursuits in ceramics.
Degustación de aceite de oliva virgen extra cerca de Atenas
We will learn everything about olive oil , the categories and how to describe an olive oil correctly according to the fruitiness, pungency and bitterness.We will learn how to shop an olive oil, how to store it and how to use it properly.Also we will discover the health benefits of this unique greek product, the olive oil, which is the base of the greek mediteranean diet Then we will taste Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from different regions of Greece and made with different olive varieties. You will need your 5 senses! Together we determine the main flavors and characteristics. And finally, we will see how to associate each of these oils with simple foods as tomato, orange, cheese, yogurt or…chocolate! It is not a complete meal. Food can change depending on the season. Children from 10 years old can participate in the event and pay the whole fee
Walk among the history
We will visit some of the most old famous buildings of the city of Pirgos. We will walk across the city and visit buldings constructed by the famous German architecture Ernst Ziller and not only. Ernst Ziller was a German architect from Saxony, who worked in Vienna and Greece in the 19th and 20th centuries. He was one of the most important and most famous architects in the Greek territory, designing and supervising hundreds of buildings. By this experience you will have the opportunity to learn about the Greek architecture from 1800 and after. Other things to note Please, wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera as there are many great photo opportunities.
La antigua Olimpia con una guía local
On this 2-hour tour, we will explore Ancient Olympia, listed as one of the monuments of the world heritage of UNESCO. Olympia looks like an archaeological park. Upon arrival, we will assist to buy the tickets in order to avoid waiting in a long queue. Together, we will explore the land of the Olympics and visit all the Highlights, such as: The ancient training facilities, the famous gymnasium, and palaestra. The workshop of Phidias, the sculptor that created the gold and ivory statue of Zeus which was one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world! The ruins of the temple of Zeus, the largest one in the Peloponnese! The temple of Hera, that hosts exclusively the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic torch. The Olympic stadium - the tradition has it that Hercules was the first one that run the track and we may grasp the opportunity to run it, too! We may even make our own olive wreaths and challenge each other for the crown! After, the end of the tour, your expert guide will give you all the required information to visit the nearby Archaeological Museum at your own leisure – A 5-minute walk will bring you to the treasures of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia. It houses the antiquities from the site excavations, such as the Hermes of Praxiteles statue, the statue of Nike, and the Pediments of the Temple of Zeus. Everything is ORIGINAL Other things to note According to Greek law, only certified tourist guides by the Greek Ministry of Tourism are authorized to provide tours within the sites, monuments, and museums in Greece. Private guided tours can be arranged in several languages, such as: Greek, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, upon request.
Producción de aceite de oliva ecológico y de vino
Join me to learn the secrets of organic olive oil production, and wine making. We will meet at the traditional village of Amfikleia and we will go to our olive trees field, a 10 minute drive, by private transfer. Our olive trees are more than 60 years old. When we arrive, I will first provide general information and guidance on how and when to harvest olives, and then you will collect olives using the appropriate tools (Sep-Feb). I will show you how we prepare edible olives and explain the steps of transformation of olives to organic olive oil. Then we can have a short break under the trees, to enjoy complementary refreshments and snacks, made with fresh local products. Later, we will also visit the "liotrivi", an olive mill nearby, to watch the actual production of olive oil (open only during the harvest period). We will then return to the village to visit our private garden, where we begin our journey of wine making. You will learn how to harvest grapes, extract their juice and magically transform it into wine. You will collect grapes (Aug-Nov) and we will begin the procedure of wine making, learning how the terroir affects the taste of locally produced wine. During spring, we can collect wild fennel and asparagus. At the end, you will be offered a complementary sample of organic olive oil or organic wine. Private transfer from/to Athens can be arranged upon request.