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Osos pardos, castillo de Bran, fortaleza de Raznov y pálinka
I'm Vlad the tour Guide (not The Impaler) and I'm ready to guide you through the biggest brown bear Sanctuary in the world. Over 100 bears are living in a wild-like environment. Each of them has a different story. Find out how brown bears live, why they're so popular in Romania and what you should do in case of an unexpected encounter in the wild. Wolves, deers and other animals can be also spotted in the Sanctuary. Next up, we switch from bears to bats as I will lead you through the Bran Castle! We will tackle Dracula's legend and differentiate myth from reality! Insider access into Queen Marie's elevator as well as Torture rooms can be included! Last but not least, I'll give you a taste of the traditional Romanian spirits, with insider access to a local distillery. Here, you'll taste the famous 'Palinca' a 100% natural spirit made out of plumbs, apricots, cherries, peaches, quinces, grapes and more. Be prepared, there are various flavors to choose from! Extras: Depending on availability, we can extended the tour to include the Peles Castle. You can inquire about this option with the help of the messaging system. Important: Entry tickets to the Bran Castle and Bear Sanctuary are not included. I can help you purchase them online, after you book the experience, or we can grab them on the spot, on the day.
Discover the true Transylvanian spirit II
Pilgrimage experience with a monastic GUIDE with theological experience at the monasteries in the Făgăraș Country! A pilgrimage where you discover who you are, where you come from and where you are going! An experiential pilgrimage that will transform your life and way of being! A pilgrimage where you find out why love can only be lived and manifested in a state of sacrifice! We will visit one of the most famous spiritual places in Romania: the Old Şinca Cave Monastery (XIV century). Then we will follow in the footsteps of General Bucow, the one sent by the Habsburg empress, Maria Theresa, to destroy all the monasteries in Transylvania, and we will understand how the Romanians resisted this great challenge... You will see what it looks and feels like to be in a small wooden church from the 15th century and how it survived Bucow's cannons. Then we will go to one of the holiest places in Romania, a place of great martyrdom, Bucium Monastery! A real altar where 20 monks were burned alive by general Bucow! And at the end we have prepared one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania, the Brancoveanu Monastery. Here you will learn the story of a martyred leader, Constantin Brancoveanu, who sacrificed his entire family just to keep his faith... Also, the story of the Saint of Transylvania, father Arsenie Boca will be reavealed!
Communist Guest in Brasov
I present You a unique communist style urban exploring tour! We will start from the Main square of Brasov presenting You the dawns and the development of comunist history in Romania. Also Brasov played an very important role fighting against communism in 1989 Revolution . So, the tour takes You on the Revolution Square presenting the most important events in chronological order and the exact places that where they were happening, not just general facts, but particular situations! (snipers, army, people, dead bodies, bullet holes!) Soon after the cruel history lesson is ending, we will wash our brains enjoying a drink in a communist bar on lunga street, reading the communist press of that time and signing the official symbolic declaration to join the communist political partie - party and of course embracing the communist ideology . Immediately You will acknowledge to become a comunist, You will be transferred by force and by bus or taxi to a communist cantine where we can enjoy some Romanian communist dishes among local people! Maybe chatting with them will be interesting...!! Coffee will be served in a well preserved bar from the 60 s fashion style.. You will be dropped by force back in the Old Centre of Brasov, half drunk, half filled, and half communist!You pay your bill. Any other tour comments and feedback will be meticulously censored!! Enjoy.. Mate! Other things to note Please text me a message before You book to make sure that my availability is updated in order to assure a good fluency of the tour.
Tras los pasos del oso en los Cárpatos
,,Watching bears at the observatory is a must,, a guest wrote for me.. and ,,once in a life time experience,, another traveller said. We will meet in Brasov at the picking point Poarta Schei . From there we will go by car in between 30 and 40 minutes to the wildlife territory . The visit is taking place in the wild in a remote forestland area. We will be waiting for bears to pup up at any time in the opening in the evening from inside a specially design observatory . The guide is a forester and the bears are wild. The guide will be focused on the trail, sometimes communicating by gesture or using short words or transmitting behavior restrictions to assure success of the visit. Silence is crucial once inside the observatory. Bear Watching is a waiting game. Chances are high around 80% and the distance is suitable for filming and photographing . The experience is friendly for children more than 7 years old but is not disability friendly. The passionate guide will present You all kind of details about the bears and the animals there providing information and interpreting their behavior. The visit will end usually after two and a half hours , returning back to the cars and back to Brasov, occasionally in dark conditions. Other things to note Please send me a message before booking to assure that everything is just right and I am not to far away to reach You
Taller de pintura étnica rumana
You will LEARN about: * 16-19th century painted furniture from Transylvania * various types of traditional painted furniture from different ethnographic areas of Transylvania You will CHOOSE from 4 wooden items which one you want to paint: * tray - 29 x 18 cm * clock - 21 x 15 cm * box - 10 x 14.5 x 7 cm * wall hanger - 33 x 9 cm You should let me know a day before the class if you want a different color than shown in the photo. You will PAINT: * apply the base color * transfer the pattern on the working surface * paint the flowers Take home a TREASURE from your Romanian trip that you made yourself that you can display in your home. You'll have a memory to share and smile about. Other things to note Never painted before? Don't worry! I will help make your piece look good. You're a painter? Enjoy my expertise and ask for more challenging techniques for your piece.
Paseo por el bosque
It will be a special Safari Walk in Nature . The experience will start in Brasov. A 20 minutes drive( pick-up) will take You in the luxuriant forest. A mild forestry road or a trail will carry us for a couple of hours underneath the canopy. The trail has many stops, and shows of natural wonders inside the forest like a live documentary where the traveler will explore and get involved in the activities. The guide will share his scientific knowledge and experience about the environment in a professional and original way. Trails are chosen according to Your interests or needs ( wildlife, birds, flowers, relaxing or sightseeing). Trails are simple and this is an activity suitable also for families with kids or seniors to enjoy! Halfway or on the way the guide will choose a special place where You can stop and taste local treats (cheese, cakes, drinks, or other ) The return trail will complete a different itinerary to our car, giving You the chance to explore more nature. The experience will end will end dropping You in Brasov. Other things to note Please send me a hello message before booking or after You booked to assure that everything is just right ! I spend lots of time in nature ! My kind regards !
Turul obiectivelor turistice din Transilvania by Adrian
Certainly! If you're visiting Brasov, don't miss the opportunity to explore two fascinating historical sites: Dracula's Castle and Râșnov Castle. 1. **Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle):** Step into the legendary world of Count Dracula at Bran Castle. This iconic fortress is not only a place of myth and legend but also a well-preserved piece of Transylvanian history. Explore its eerie chambers, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views of the surrounding Carpathian Mountains. 2. **Râșnov Castle:** Just a short drive from Brasov, Râșnov Castle offers a glimpse into medieval life. Climb the hill to this ancient fortress and enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque town of Râșnov and the surrounding countryside. Explore its well-preserved walls, towers, and the fascinating history that surrounds this place. Both castles provide unique experiences, from Dracula's mystique to Râșnov's historical signific On returning to Brasov, we stop near the White Tower and start a walk towards the Black Tower, Schei Gate, Rope Street, Jewish Synagogue, Black Church and Council Squere, where the tour ends. The walk lasts 45 minutes and is approximately 1.5 km. During the walk, the host will tell you about the history of the visited objectives and some legends related to them. In order for the tour to take place, the participation of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people is necessary.
Ski lessons in Poiana Brasov
Hi there and welcome to the start of your ski experience in Poiana Brasov :) You will learn how to ski with me, Andreea (romanian lady) or with my partner Sebastien( french guy). Let us know your preference through a message when you book. how do we get this to a flying start? Firstly we will either meet up at the meeting point or if you need picking up message us when you book and we'll arrange it (for an extra charge) Let us know what your level is: beginner or intermediate so we can chose the right slope for you. Next you'll receive help in renting your ski equipment from a ski rental place next to the slope- if that is necessary And here we are ready to learn this fun and magical sport! You will learn all the basics, tips& tricks to get you flying on snow :) The ski course lasts 2 hours. You will learn how to ski relaxed and secured together with a professional ski instructor, passionate into knowledge transfer. Beginner to intermediate level are welcomed. What you learn: - the equipment: what it is and what it is for, how to use it best; - skiing: positions according to the environment and your level, rules for good, safe and friendly skiing.
Brasov-CROWN City Evening Tour with wine
On this 2.5 hours evening tour of Brasov, we will show you the highlight buildings and history of the old town. We understand that you can work during the daytime and you only have time after 7 PM and maybe the next day you’ll go home. Don’t leave Brasov before you get to know one of the best cities in Romania! Book a late evening tour and have a Brasov by night. Starting more than 800 years ago the history of Brasov is very close to the knights, the Saxons and the invaders. We will walk and talk about the Black Church, the narrowest street in Eastern Europe and about the life of the medieval population of the city. You will understand why the CROWN city is and why we have two medieval parts of the city, the Romanian part and the Saxon one. You will reach extraordinary places that will give you some great views over the city, and very good spots for photos. At the end of the tour, we will enjoy a glass of wine in a nice place. Every town looks different by night, come and see!
Looking for deer in the Greweln Forest
Join me on a easy trek on the hills of Medias. From the walled city center we will walk about 15 minutes, enter the Greweln forest and be on the lookout for deer - they are easily and frequently spotted here. The trek is an easy one, about 8 km ( 5 miles), and we will follow the shape of the valley, returning from where we started. There are two viewpoints on the trail (one at the beginning of it, where you will have a full view of the city). If sky is clear towards south, you can even see The Făgăraș Mountains. If you are around during April - May, the trek can include a little bit of foraging. This forest is famous for "leurdă" (wild garlic, Allium ursinum), a spring plant that made its way into soup soups, salads, pesto. Hey, any variation of garlic is good for Romanian. And it's a pretty good spot for spotting a wide variety of mushrooms.
Senderismo en los Cárpatos (tour privado)
This private hiking trip is a great opportunity to explore Piatra Craiului National Park in the Carpathian Mountains, an area pretty much untouched by the 21st century. Trek past gorges, forests and pastures where mountain shepherds still work, and see a side of Romania that's hardly changed in generations. Hike among the spectacular Carpathian Mountains on a guided, private-group tour of Piatra Craiului National Park from Brașov. Follow the classic routes on a 6- to 7-hour hike through alpine meadows, fragrant forests that seem untouched by time. See the cavernous Zarnesti Gorge, and learn about the traditional rural industries of cheese-making and shepherding. Refuel with hearty Romanian lunch at a mountain hut. Route may be changed without notice due to weather conditions. The name of the mountain came from one of the citadels built by the Hungarian Kingdom, as a custom, control and protection point, at the southern border of Transylvania, at the bottom of the mountains, at the end of XIV century. The name of the highest peak (2238 m) is called Piscul Ciobanului or Piscul Baciului - Shepherd's Peak in English language and Hirtenspitze in German language. The locals called the mountain The Stone (Piatra). The main ridge is regarded as one of the most beautiful sites in the Carpathians. Best period: May - October! January - March is ok, because of the snow.
Bucharest Urbex Tour - Unique view into the capital's past
We will visit 4 locations, if time allows it, in a 6 hour time window in and around Bucharest. These forgotten places from our list will help you understand better the troubled past that the country has gone through in the last few decades, since communism fell. This tour will take us through the rubble and will help create a much deeper understanding, similar to the experience you get from visiting a museum, but much more real. Hundreds of amazing places that used to house workers, provide them entertainment and more importantly work, are now forgotten and abandoned, left to decay. Well, not 100% forgotten, as urban explorers and (sadly) scavengers still visit them sometimes.
Descubre las impresionantes leyendas de Sibiu
Sightseeing and walking around Sibiu is a nice way to spend a day... but do you know all the secrets and stories of the places you see? Every town has its legends and Sibiu is no exception. Join me in a tour around town focused on legends and stories that few people know and even fewer people share. Trust me, it will be fun! :D Additional information included in the tour: - I will teach you some expressions/saying in Romanian - Recommendations and suggestions on what you can also visit in Sibiu and in the whole county. - It's an open question tour, so don't be shy in being curious. Ask me anything you want. *BONUS*: "Sibiu, a city of firsts", a secondary tour, is also included in the experience. So, it's 2 for the price of one. If you are in town and can't see an experience scheduled, just write a message and maybe we can work something out! :D *If you want a personalized offer with different activities (maybe countryside walk, fortified churches, guided tour of the Astra Museum or anything else that might be of interest for you), we can come up with special offer.
Paseo a caballo en la Rumanía salvaje
Spend around 2 hours on horses and explore wild Romania. Ride on secluded forest paths and discover some spectacular landscapes. I will pick you up from your accommodation. Our trip starts with a drive from Brasov to a local ranch. A horse that matches your riding level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) will be assigned to you. Tips before and during the experience are provided along the way by a certified horseback riding instructor. Our route includes fields, hills and forests. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking Transylvanian landscapes and have the chance to observe wildlife like deers, foxes and various bird types! After the return to the ranch, you will get insider access to the stables and get a chance to interact with some pure breeds like the Friesians, Andalusian and Gypsy Vanner horses. An outdoor traditional meal with first course, main course and desert follow! Drinks (water, juice, beer, Romanian spirts like Palinca) are also included! Bonus: On our way back a free guided Tour of a fortified Transylvanian church is provided! Fact: Total experience time around 5 hours. Important: This horseback riding experience focuses on spending quality time in nature, socializing with locals and having a quality time. The main goal of the tour aren't horseback riding lessons. Tips are provided but please don't expect intensive lessons!
Halloween party at Dracula's Castle from Transylvania, Bran
Spend a Halloween night at Dracula's Castle from Transylvania. Visit this haunted castle at night and check the charm of Halloween decorations and the beauty of the fairy hostesses then participate to Halloween Party until 04.00 am. This party include a festive 3 course dinner with prizes for the best costumes, night tour of Dracula's Castle, Halloween Party on Castle's propriety until 4.00 am. Highlights: -Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle, a legendary Transylvanian fortress dating back to 1377. - Halloween Party at Bran Castle including – night tour of the Castle with Vlad The Impaler and then - Halloween Party hosted by a famous Romanian DJ. Departure Guaranteed These tours are guaranteed to depart on the dates given, as we do not insist on a minimum number of bookings before departure. Available for free if: You don’t have a reflection in the mirror, You decompose when sunlight strikes you, You’re over 200 years old, Can use your wings to fly to Transylvania, Well, this holiday is free for you! Come join your fellow vampires in Transylvania:-