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KasbahRecomendado por 12 habitantes locales
Bab SsourRecomendado por 11 habitantes locales
MosquéeRecomendado por 10 habitantes locales
Gare RoutièreRecomendado por 9 habitantes locales
MandalaRecomendado por 5 habitantes locales
Hôtel Atlas ChaouenRecomendado por 3 habitantes locales

Todas las actividades cerca de Chauen

⭐️Sesión de fotos profesional para Instagram en Chefchaouen⭐
We'll hit the streets of Chefchaouen and we'll explore the most beautiful streets, tiny squares, and buildings on our way. I`ll help you relax in front of the camera, And giving you poses making sure to get those insta-worthy photos. We'll explore all of the most beautiful spots around town and if there are any particular locations in the Chefchaouen Old town that you'd like to visit, I can add them to our itinerary along the way if you show me a photo of them. ▪️I shoot with Sony professional camera▪️ My lenses are : 70-180mm f2.8 35mm f1.4 16-35mm f2.8 ▪️I shoot for solo, couples, proposal, engagement, pre-wedding, families▪️ * My experience is private. Once you book your session, I’ll close other available slots left. * You’re going to receive : - All the photos taken+100 - Minimum of 25 professionally Edited pictures (I can help with taking reel videos as well). I know being in Chefchaouen may be a special experience for you, you'll never regret a memorable pictures from a local experienced photographer in this city !!
Descubre los tesoros ocultos de la ciudad azul
In this experience, the day will be devoted to explore and discover the medina of Chefchaouen, and learning about it’s history, culture and daily lifestyle, in addition of visiting the Spanish Mosque to have the greatest panoramic view in town. First After picking you up from your hotel, or your Airbnb accommodation, we’ll start by walking through the hidden corners in the medina which has 7 main neighbourhoods, and 7 Doors. While introducing you to the Andalou-Amazigh history and culture. We’ll be able To visit the main spots to take the most stunning pictures in town, then we’ll visit the Kasbah (the main fortress which was founded in the 15 century), after spending about a 30 min in the Kasbah to see the garden, the towers, and the old prison. We’ll head up to the Spanish Mosque - a lunch Break is provided in a local restaurant under your needs- On our way to the Spanish mosque we’ll pass by the river to see the water springs, the old laundry system, and the orange trees. After heading to the Mosque, a 30 minute break is provided to enjoy the view and take pictures. Afterwards we’ll get back to the medina to Go the market and pass by the neighbourhood of Swika (the commercial neighbourhood of Chefchaouen) This tour is very customised and everything is up to the guests walking capacity. The activity ends in the main square or your accommodation in Chefchaouen.
Recorrido fotográfico de Chefchaouen
Nos encontraremos en la antigua plaza de la ciudad, llamada (outa hamam) y comenzaremos a explorar las encantadoras calles escondidas de Chefchaouen; fuera de lo común. Compartiré la historia de esta ciudad especial, así como secretos y consejos desde la perspectiva local. Durante nuestro recorrido a pie, capturaré sus sentimientos y estados de ánimo en estos maravillosos lugares en Chefchaouen. Recibirá maravillosos recuerdos de su viaje a esta hermosa ciudad. Mi recorrido ideal es con un grupo íntimo, para asegurar que todos estén involucrados e incluidos en todos los aspectos. ¡Ven y únete conmigo! Hablemos y caminemos por las calles azules de la ciudad, tome fotos increíbles y comparta esta experiencia única. Otros aspectos destacables ¡Los huéspedes pueden traer su propia cámara (opción) y estar preparados para descubrir la hermosa ciudad de The Blue Pearl!
Cooking Classes overlooking the blue city
Join me on one of the most unique cooking classes in Morocco. We will start by choosing a dish you would want to make, we are providing a wide variety of Moroccan Tajines to choose from. there's two classes a day one in the morning with the fresh morning breeze, and one in the evening where you'll be enjoying dinner with the most mesmerizing sunset. The location of this experience makes it extra special for so many reasons, the location on the mountain overlooking Chefchaouen's medina, you'll be surrounded by nothing except beautiful nature, once we make it to the farm all guests will have everything they need to make the dish they chose. Aside from the main dish you choose for the experience three of the most famous Moroccan vegetable starters will be included in the class. I will be guiding you through every step of the process. By the end the food you made will be served to you once its done cooking. and you'll get to enjoy it with a wonderful panoramic view that no other place offers in the whole town. P.S •To get to the location you must be able to walk uphill comfortably. • the timing is flexible • Restrooms are not available yet, only nature.. • After the class you'll be provided with a personal PDF that has all my recipes. • since it's winter I recommend a warm Jackets especially for the evening classes
Paseo nocturno con una ⭐ local
- We will cover ancient and modern history as well as visiting some of the nicest cafes, eateries, and bars that the city has to offer. - Discover the night, beer , Moroccan wine ... - enjoy the night view where you can see all the city at night (night view ) ! - I will show you some spots to take pictures you can't find by your self and also so special at night. But this is not a photo walk ! Is a night tours !! Note : in this tours we go with the flow I mean depends the guest what the want to see !! - The night walking tour starts at the plaza outalhamam , and it ends at the same place meet or I can pick up you to your hotel you staying ... Other things to note If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
The original insta shoot in chefchaouen
We'll meet in the main square (Outahammam) for an intimate and professional portrait session, focused on art and natural beauty. Then together we will be exploring the most photogenic places in Chefchaouen, We'll do 2 hour walking through well known (and hidden and most loved ones!) corners of Chefchaouen, most picturesque areas, stopping for portraits and full body shots along the way. I will give advice in posing, acting, and styling, that you will keep forever for future pictures and for your personal style. You'll get great material for your vacation album and social media! The best time is in the early morning, when there are perfect light, but still shooting time can be customized to your wishes and needs. If you're interested in expanding our shoot time and locations, send me a private message. From this experience, you'll have: • A download of your all edited photos from shooting within 3 days • An understanding why Chefchaouen is such a beautiful city • Of course, wonderful memories! My own Instagram: @azharhamzas
A tour in Blue white city and Sunset scenes panoramic view
Join me on one of the most beautiful tours in my city of Chefchaouen and create memories you cannot forget. First we will go to see the blue, white city (the blue pearl) and take some beautiful pictures in the wonderful and famous paths and alleys. We will pass through the maze of winding streets, bustling stalls and the historical castle of the city. We’ll then pass through the head of the water (Ras-Ima) which is drinkable if you wish to try it fresh from the mountains. We will then end, with the view of the sunset from the Spanish Mosque, which is located at the top of the city. This view is a once in a lifetime opportunity with the mountains surrounding you and the lights of Chefchaouen shinning bright. The tour will all be on foot, you’ll get no better experience than with myself knowing all the best routes as I walk these streets daily. This tour is easy and fun for everyone at any age. We can go at your pace, with you, your family or friends. I love to teach so ask me anything.
Chauen de ensueño
WE ALWAYS GIVES YOU THE BEST TOUR AND PHOTOGRAPHE FROM OUR HEARTS On our tour, you will get the experience of a lifetime through the famous Chefchaouen also known as the Blue City. I guarantee you will fall in love with this charming city. We will begin our tour by meeting at the busiest plaza in the city. From there, we will make our way within Old Town part of the city to popular locations where I can show you how to get the best photo or even help take photos if you wish. This is not a shopping tour, but throughout our experience, I can introduce you to the local culture as well or any shops that you may be interested in. Finally, I will guide you to the beautiful Spanish mosque where we will get an amazing panoramic view of the city and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The whole tour will take approximately 2.5-3 hours and end accordingly upon time of sunset, usually taking place between 4-7PM. Other things to note Please wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking quite a lot within the city as well as the hike up to the Spanish Mosque. We will be taking a lot of stairs as well as walking on small hills.
Caminata hasta Akchour a través de las montañas
Join me on an exiting hike to Akchour and discover the hidden gems! I offer two different hikes made to fit your abilities and preferences: Option 1 is the "Beautiful River Walk," which begins at 8:00 AM. We meet at Bab Souk and go on a gentle two-hour walk to my father's peaceful organic farm. You'll enjoy a tasty breakfast and a guided tour of the farm. After that, we'll arrange a ride to Akchour (ride costs are extra), a quick 30-minute ride away. And then we start a lovely hike along the river to the famous God Bridge. We could get a Tajin at a local restaurant after exploring beautiful pools for a refreshing swim. We'll finish our adventure with a walk to a waterfall, about an hour away, and then head back to Chefchaouen. Option 2, the "Mountain Adventure," is for those seeking a tougher challenge. We start at 7:30 AM with a demanding day-long 25-kilometer hike, breakfast at the farm. This hike takes us high into the mountains, over 1250 meters above sea level, offering fantastic views and trails known only to local people. Lunch is a simple sandwich and snacks. The challenge here is in climbing steep hills and descending, which can be hard on the knees. Akchour won't appear until around 5 or 6 PM, making this option ideal for adventurers who prefer heights over rivers and waterfalls. If you're unsure, don't worry—I'll help you choose the hike that suits you best.
Tours con Love Chefchaouen
- WE’RE THE NUMBER 1 EXPERIENCE IN THE BLUE CITY with more then 100 + reviews ! - We Have more then 100 K followers on the social media ! WELCOME TO THE BEST PHOTO TOUR IN CHEFCHAOUEN !!
Descubre Chefchaouen con un guía local
Join me to discover the most beautiful city in Morocco, We will start our experience from the middle square (outa hamam), or I can also pick you up from your guesthouse. We will start walking around the city and talk about the historical society of chefchaouen and lifestyle of people, beside that I will show you the most famous corners and some of them are very secret, not everbody could know them,and I will help you to take pictures with your phone and with mine as well, after discovered all the city we will walk to the Spanish mosque for the view to the city and we will pass the river (Ras lmae) and we will take a break there with drink some fresh orange juice,after we come back to the square and I will show you the direction to the most beautiful restaurant in the blue city for more information and details check out @be_in_chefchaouen
Descubre la comida callejera de Chefchauen
Savory snails in a salty broth, sweet corn hot and steaming, Morocco's street food is a true adventure! We will meet at the Bab El Ain gate at the bottom of the medina. This is the heart of Chefchaouen street food. We will try everything around. Fresh specials, snails, corn on the cob, potato chips, popcorn, coconut, mango, fresh fruit and more. We will go up into the medina and have bisara soup and herrira. We will walk and explore as places open and close day to day, week to week, our night life is a moving and changing landscape. Creperies, bakeries, moving carts, it is an adventure. Almost a scavenger hunt, what can we find tonight?? People don't walk and eat, stop, eat in groups move to the next place and sample some more. We will end when we are full. Location in the medina. Maybe at the bar with a beer and tapas. Maybe at a cafe with cake and tea. The Moroccan street food is waiting to be tried, come join me! Other things to note We will go to all the little carts, soup and sandwich spots. You will only need money if we go get alcohol somewhere. Included in your tour is the food. I am licensed guide. Law is very strict.
Ceremonia del té y amanecer en las montañas de Chauen
Welcome to witness the beauty of the planet and see how the darkness transforms into bright light. Explore how one state transforms into another. Let's meet new day together at the Rif mountains of Africa. In winter we will start the walk at 7:30 in the morning, it is around one hour before the sun rises over the horizon here. While in summer time we will begin at around 6:00-6:30 with the dawn of new day. Our path will go through the old medina of Chefchaouen, crossing waterfall and source Ras el Maa, we will continue further up along the trail to the direction of Spanish mosque and may continue little higher up to catch the 360 degree view of the whole valley, the town and precious mountains. We will stay at the hill to meditate and just be there, welcoming new beginning with the cup of warm herbs tea.
Magic Vacation Photos in Chefchaouen
**contact me to discus the best time for you **). Please Note that I only accept 3 people or more. On this experience I will take photos and videos for you with your phone or mine (iPhone 13 pro max) . Being a photographer/filmmaker I'll help you to pose and look like a model front of the camera, as well as giving you videos ideas, I’ll take the clips from different angles and prospectives that attracts people and possibly to go viral. Being a local I'll take you to the most stunning spots in the city. ++ when we finish I'll transfer your photos and videos with Airdrop (takes less than 3minutes ) ++ Recommendations : - no pants or tight dresses, a bit flowy white dress is highly recommended as well as Red/orange/yellow/light green are perfect. ++ If you`re looking for a professional photoshoot with Professional camera and editing then you can book my other experience named " Insta Pro Photoshoot in Chefchaouen”. I know being in Chefchaouen may be a special experience for you, you'll never regret a memorable pictures from a local experienced photographer in this city !!
Sesión de fotos privada en la ciudad azul
- WE'RE THE NUMBER 1 EXPERIENCE in CHEFCHAOUEN experiences with more than 100 +reviews on Love chefchaouen tours ! WELCOME TO THE BEST PHOTO TOUR in the blue city . - In the tour, we're gonna visit the most beautiful spot points of this amazing city and I will take your photos using canon (Canon EOS 5DS) Within a day after the shoot, I will send you a link to your personalised album containing at least 25 High Res and edited photos of your shoot. And I will sent you extra without editing! Dates and times. I'm always flexible with dates and times, so if there's a day that works best for you, feel free to send me a message and we can organise. I love to shoot in the morning or in the late afternoon for the best lighting, however if you prefer another time slot just send me your request. I also shoot families, couples and groups. Note : Don't worries if it will be your first time being photographed. I'll help you in how to looks natural in front of the camera with some simple tips. Our inst @love_chefchaouen