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Ruta de pubs y bares en Makati con V
#1 Bar Crawl in Makati! This is the top-rated night activity in Makati. Five-star reviews say it all! Makati Pub Crawl & Bar Hopping Tour is a guided tour that takes you to the best bars and nightlife spots in Makati City, Philippines. It is designed to give participants a fun and memorable experience of the city's vibrant nightlife scene. During the tour, a knowledgeable guide will lead you to a selection of popular bars, lounges, and clubs in Makati. You will have the opportunity to explore different venues, enjoy music, dance, and socialize with fellow travelers. The tour usually includes a variety of drink specials, discounts, and sometimes even complimentary shots or cocktails at each bar. Every unique spot we visit offers the crawl exclusive drink specials and/or free entry. You'll meet new people, explore a new nightlife scene, enjoy some great drinks, and party hard, all with a great host leading the way. Whether you're coming alone or with friends, I'll make sure you have a great night out and an unforgettable Filipino experience. Note: If you challenge us to a drinking game you'll probably lose. Inclusions: ★Welcome Drink ★English-speaking tour guide that's me V ★Photography Cheers! I hope to see you soon! For Collaboration message me Insta gram @flameexplorer @manilaexperience "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
Intramuros: tour a pie por la ciudad amurallada
★ Intramuros "The Walled City" Walking Tour ★ Intramuros is a historic walled city located in Manila, Philippines. It was built during the Spanish colonial period and served as the seat of government and center of trade. 1. Start at Fort Santiago: Begin your tour at Fort Santiago, which is the main entrance to Intramuros. This historical site served as a military fort and prison during the Spanish colonial period. Take a walk along the fortress walls and explore the various barracks, ruins, and gardens within its premises. 2. Visit San Agustin Church: Next, head to San Agustin Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Baroque-style church is one of the oldest in the country and features intricately designed interiors. 3. Wander through the streets: Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Intramuros. Admire the well-preserved Spanish-era houses, some of which have been turned into museums, cafes, and souvenir shops. Itinerary: Casa Manila San Agustin Church Manila Cathedral Jose Rizal Museum Fort Santiago The Dungeons of Fort Santiago Souvenir Shop Inclusions: ★ Tour Guide Richard ★ Photography ★ Entrance Fee This tour is open for Solo, couples and groups. "We customize a full-day tour in Manila DM us"
Los secretos de la comida callejera filipina
#1 Street Food Tour! This is the top-rated food activity in Makati, come see why five-star reviews say it all! Staying in Manila for a day or two? LAYOVER travelers? Do you want to enjoy and see the real MANILA during your stay? Don't know what to do, or where to go? This is the best EXPERIENCE for you! "Let's explore magical MAKATI at night." Night tour schedules 6 pm and 8 pm Meeting Place: City Garden Garden Grand, situated on Makati Avenue, downtown Makati. ★ Filipino Street Food to begin the night, cooked in a way enjoyed by Filipinos for many generations. ★ My favorite type of local street food in Makati may not be yours but there is plenty to choose from. ★ It will be an eating experience like no other, eating local food the way the locals eat. ★ No English menu, but don't worry as I will teach you the real Filipino way of ordering food and drinks. ★ A local beer as we eat ★Then chill at the beautiful 360 rooftop bar in Makati. ★Photography is included in this experience. Inclusions: - English-speaking tour guide, that's me, Venus. - Dinner - Photography When the activity is done I can assist you to find your ride back to your hotel. Reminder: I am flexible with times just let me know if you are alone, couple, or group so I can plan accordingly, Eat, laugh, and explore with me during our Street Food Experience "We customize a full-day tour in Manila DM us"
⭐ Los secretos desconocidos de Manila ⭐
#1 Manila Day Tour! This is the top-rated activity in Manila, come see why Five Star reviews say it all! Staying in Manila for a day or two? LAYOVER travelers? Do you want to enjoy and see the real MANILA during your stay? Don't know what to do, or where to go? This is the best EXPERIENCE for you! Daytime tour schedules start around 8:00 am and finish around 10:00 am. Afternoon 2 pm to 4 pm But to provide you with an experience you'll never forget, times can be altered to fit your needs. 1. Experience our unique local transportation the Jeepney 2. Shop like the locals at a typical Filipino open wet market. 3. Explore the oldest apartments in town and places where people live off the beaten path in conditions that often involve bathing and eating in the open. 4. See and feel the local life experienced by Filipino people in the back alleys and side streets away from the bright lights and cars. 5. You will be able to try our local coffee and food as eaten by Filipinos. Inclusions: - English-speaking tour guide, that's me, Venus. - Photography After all this, I will assist you in finding the best and safest way back to your hotel. Reminder: This is a walking tour and we may also try some food for the poor. You should expect a cultural tour rather than a tour bringing you to see tourist spots. "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
Un día de recorrido intramuros a pie con Mari
The Intramuros tour is a historical walking tour around the famous fort built by the Spanish. The tour will focus on the greatest and darkest moments during the long history of Intramuros, with details of what transpired within the walls of Intramuros during the Battle of Manila and beyond... We can enjoy learning something about this historical place within a 700-year era. And this will be great to understand what Manila has become today and where the Philippines has come from. And your chance to walk around the allies inside Intramuros. The second place we will visit is San Agustin church, and the only church left among seven churches of Intramuros built beyond 1571. The third place we will visit is Casa Manila, a replica of a Spanish colonial mansion. Take note: Casa Museum every Saturday and Sunday depends on holiday. And we will then end this tour where we can sit, drink, laugh, and chill around Casa Manila. Must try a famous Filipino Halo halo dessert recommendation from a long walked ( Guest provided ) Don’t forget to wear comfortable attire (inside the church wear something modest and comfortable) and no problem with photos; I’m the one who will take the shots during our tour. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or further details. Don’t miss out, and see you soon!
Makati "Rooftop Barcawl & Bar Hopping" Tour with V
#1 Rooftop Bar Hopping in Makati, Philippines This is the top-rated Rooftop Bar activity in Makati, come see why Five Star reviews say it all! 1. Start at Sunset: Begin the experience at a rooftop bar that offers stunning sunset views. Arrive early to secure a good spot and watch the sun dip below the horizon while sipping on a signature cocktail. The golden hues and the cityscape coming alive with twinkling lights create a mesmerizing atmosphere. 2. Exploring Different Themes: Move on to the next rooftop bar, preferably one with a different theme or atmosphere. 3. Meeting New People: Rooftop bars often attract a diverse and cosmopolitan crowd. Strike up conversations with other bar-goers and mingle with locals. 4.Live Music or DJs: Some rooftop bars feature live music performances or have renowned DJs spinning tunes to add to the atmosphere. Enjoy the music and dance the night away if the bar offers a dance floor or space for dancing. 5. Capturing the Moments: Capture the memories by taking plenty of photos of the breathtaking views, unique cocktails, and the overall vibrant atmosphere. For Collaboration message me insta gram: @flameexplorer @manilaexperience Face book Page: travelphilippines, flameexplorer "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
La historia de Manila con guía en coche (recogida en el hotel)
Do you want to be picked up in your location for a quick tour ? Safe, no hassle, and no waiting for a ride. We will provide a private vehicle and guide to make your visit fun, safe and convenient. (Free pick up in our service areas). You will visit the old walled city of Intramuros, Manila & various museums around the city. Be amazed at the old Spanish architecture and its rich history. The tour includes : 1. Private car that will bring you to the various destinations (Free pick up in our service areas. Other areas will have minimal fuel surcharge) 2. Private Guide 3. Walking Tour of Intramuros and Fort Santiago 4. Museum tour with Tickets (Museums may vary depending on schedule) 6. Digital Photos of the Experience 7. Drinks (1 bottle of water) Private groups can request for a customized itinerary You should try it, its a must see tour. Note : You will be picked up in your hotel within Taguig, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay & Manila. (Other areas can be picked up with extra charge). Experience may be longer than published depending on the traffic situation.
Descubre el barrio chino de Manila con Mari
Chinatown Manila, also known as Binondo, is a vibrant district in the Philippines’ capital city, Manila, boasting one of the oldest Chinatowns globally, steeped in a rich cultural heritage. With its diverse array of Chinese cuisine, shops, and traditional celebrations, it offers a captivating experience. By joining an experienced guide, you’ll embark on an enchanting walking expedition, unveiling the hidden treasures of Manila’s vibrant street food culture. Throughout the tour, you’ll witness how the local culture and cuisine gracefully evolved over time, blending Chinese and Filipino influences into a unique fusion of flavors. During the tour, you can expect to: • Stroll through the charming alleys of Chinatown • Indulge in delightful Chinese Filipino cuisine • Explore historical landmarks, including the oldest buildings • Immerse yourself in the fascinating Chinese Filipino culture • Visit the Filipino market, offering souvenirs and both wet and dry goods • Experience local transportation, adding to the authenticity of the adventure. Ps., this tour invites you to savor the delights of local Filipino Chinese street food cuisine along the way. What are you waiting for? Come hungry and ready to be captivated by the wonders of Chinatown Manila! If my date’s are unavailable feel free to reach out to me directly. See you soon..
Objetivo: los rincones más auténticos de Manila
#1 Manila Walking tour! This is the top-rated activity in Manila, come see why Five Star reviews say it all! Staying in Manila for a day or two? LAYOVER travelers? Do you want to enjoy and see the real MANILA during your stay? Don't know what to do, or where to go? This is the best EXPERIENCE for you! Our tour schedules in the day time 2.00 PM to 4:30 PM. ★ See changes in Manila by clean surroundings and safe for tourists. ★ Go deep down to see the ridiculous living conditions in Tondo ★ Visit the surroundings and learn the culture of the poor ★ Experience a different side of Manila that you have never been. ★ Walk to alleys in Chinatown ★ Photography is included in this experience. We will meet at the Bonifacio monument in Tutuban and we will grab some coffee or tea then we will start walking and take photos of the area please be reminded to wear comfortable clothes for this experience. This tour is more interesting because you will learn where the poorest people can live every day. If you have an extra camera will be great but the photography for this experience is included after the experience all photos will be sent to you. Inclusions: - English-speaking tour guide, that's me, Venus. - Photography After all this, I will assist you in finding the best and safest way back to your hotel. "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
Descubre la vida nocturna de Makati con Mari
>A Vibrant Pub Crawl Experience in Makati< Step into the dynamic nightlife of Makati as we journey through its diverse entertainment hotspots. Our curated tour includes a visit to the renowned P. Burgos Street, known for its unique Filipino entertainment venues. Let me be your expert guide through the lively mix of locals and tourists, unveiling the hidden treasures of pubs and bars that guarantee both wonder and thrill. During this extraordinary experience, you will explore 4-5 enchanting bars, pubs, and lounges, dedicating around 30 minutes to each location. Revel in the visual delights, the play of lights, live music, and DJs; each bar presents a distinctive array of drinks, including their renowned cocktails crafted by local Filipino mixologists. Moreover, I am at your service to capture this memorable experience through photography. At each stop on our journey, you are encouraged to savor their exceptional and innovative cocktails, skillfully concocted by the city's finest bartenders. Forge new connections and let loose on the dance floor. While the cost of beverages is not included, anticipate my enthusiastic acceptance of your invitation to share a drink. Please remember, I’m your tour guide, not a date for the evening. If you respect my role, we’ll have a great time. I’m different from other tour operators. Thanks for understanding. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Experiencia con V: los imprescindibles de la auténtica Manila
#1 Manila’s Non- touristy experience, This is the top-rated night activity in Manila, come see why five-star reviews say it all! Hi friends! A very warm welcome. You found us! Manila Life at Night, Culture and Identity shows parts of Makati and Manila most tourists never witness! We will hardly interact with other traffic as I have selected a beautiful and safe route through the back streets of Manila and Makati. Along the route we will make frequent stops and you will see the market through narrow streets and alleyways. Your sense will come alive to the sights , sound and smell of a vibrant community in motion. After Visiting the wet market will be riding tuktuk and train heading back to modern city Makati. Whether you're coming alone or with friends, I'll make sure you have a great night out and an unforgettable Filipino experience. What to expect? * visit the busiest wet market in MANILA * experience local transportation (jeep, tuktuk, train) * try our best street food * see the difference of Manila and Makati Inclusions: ★ Bottled Water ★ Tuktuk, train ★ English speaking tour guide that’s me V ★ Photography For Collaboration message me insta gram: @flameexplorer @manilaexperience Face book Page: travelphilippines and flameexplorer "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
⭐ El mercado nocturno de Manila con Venus ⭐
#1 Night Market Tour! This is the top-rated night activity in Manila. Five-star reviews say it all! A Manila night market and Street Food Tour with me your local guide would be an excellent way to navigate through the bustling streets and experience the vibrant local culture. Here is what you can expect from the tour: 1. Meeting point: Start your tour by meeting me at a designated spot near Divisoria Market. I will introduce myself and give you an overview of the area and its significance in Manila's history. 2. Exploring Divisoria Market: Dive into the heart of the market. Get ready to be amazed by the sheer variety of goods available, from clothing and accessories to home decor and electronics. While exploring, I will share interesting stories and provide insights into the market's vibrant atmosphere. 3. Street Food Adventure: Next, will take you on a street food adventure in the surrounding streets. Sample delicious Filipino street food delights like fish balls, kwek-kwek, isaw, and more. I will help you navigate through the busy food stalls, ensuring you try the best and most authentic local treats. Inclusions: - English-speaking tour guide. - Dinner - Tuktuk, Train and Jeepney - Photography Reminder: As we will walk around before dinner, please wear comfortable shoes and come hungry. "We customize a full-day tour and Private Tour in Manila DM us."
Aprende a jugar al golf en Manila
I will introduce you to golf in Manila, Philippines. This includes an overview of the rules, run-through of the equipment needed and a visit to the putting green and driving range. I will share with you the basics to allow you to experience the game. This will help you determine if this sport is for you. Golf is an outdoor activity which lends itself well to social distancing. Pickup/Dropoff service available upon request depending on location for a minimal fee.
Comida callejera filipina con Mari
Do you have a layover in Manila and don’t know what to do while you are here? I’m Mari and I’m a food lover, and I would like to share with you a delicate and tasty food experience while you are staying in Manila. Come join me on my Street Food Experience in Manila: Where you can taste the delicious and tasty food of the Philippines, you won’t regret a single bite of food, and walk away satisfied and happy. For this food location we can take a jeepney all the way to the location, it only takes a few mins to ride on this unique mode of transport. Don't miss out on this unique experience with me, your friendly local expert. Must try our Filipino Dessert in the Philippines called ( Halo-halo) Take note : Kids above 5years old allow to join with parents and guardians. Book your reservations now, I can’t wait to share this tour experience with you all. Please remember that I am a tour guide, and not a personal date for the evening! Please respect my role and we will have a wonderful time. ( I’m not other tour operator) thanks. If dates are showing unavailable, just reach out to me via message. And see you soon. #Food #Foodtrip #FoodPh #foodlover #tasty #delicious #tourwithmari
Fall In Love - Pagsanjan Falls Day Tour
*Get to know the locals living in between the old train tracks. *Have a taste of local’s favorite Coconut Pie. *Go on a thrilling canoe ride with skilled boatmen that will paddle upstream to the Pagsanjan Falls. Note: The tour maybe cancelled in case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions. During rainy season, updates from Pagsanjan Falls Tourism Office is everyday of 7:00am. In this case, you will be given the option to reschedule or request a full refund.