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Experiencias únicas en Cappadocia

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Todas las actividades cerca de Cappadocia

Vuelo en globo aerostático en la Capadocia
PAYMENT IN ON AIRBNB IS ONLY A PREPAID. Airbnb payment is just a prepayment. Remaining payment will be made in Cappadocia. December / January / February : 30 Euro on Airbnb + 50 Euro cash = 80 Euro per person March : 50 Euro on Airbnb + 100 Euro cash = 150 Euro per person April / May : 50 Euro on Airbnb + 150 Euro cash = 200 Euro per person When you arrive here, you pay the remaining fee of to the travel agency 1 day before your flight. I will give you a receipt. This is the cash price. You can pay dollar, euro or turkish lira. If the flight is cancelled, you will be given a full refund. Take this exclusive flight on a Hot Air Balloon close to the Goreme area. The activity begins early in the morning and Service will pick you up from home or hotel at least 1 hour ago. Once it’s ready, we will take off for an amazing hour of flight close to the Fairy Chimneys and the surrounding area. At the end of the flight, a service will be waiting to pick you up and return to the your hotel. The number 10 on Airbnb refers only to my group. Among hundreds of balloons in Cappadocia, there are only 2 balloon baskets for 12 people. The rest is the same standard and is for 20-28 people. This is a 20-28 person hot air balloon flight.We also provide non-alcoholic champagne and certificate after the flight. The minimum age to ride the balloon is 5, and under 5 is not accepted.
Haz cerámica en un centro de arte de la Capadocia
This is a unique experience because North Cappadocia is a famous town about pottery making The pottery making on the wheel Cappadocia is the center of Anatolian arts from the middle ages. And the town has many experienced local masters they are going to help you about the discover your talents at pottery making art. Minimum 30 minutes on the wheel
Vuelo económico en globo aerostático por la Capadocia
IMPORTANT!!!!!!!:PRICE IS ONLY PREPAYMENT.PLEASE GET INFORMATION FOR TOTAL PAYMENT. When you arrive here, you pay the remaining fee to the travel agency 1 day before your flight. I will give you a receipt. You can pay in dollars, euros or Turkish lira. If the flight is cancelled, you will be given a full refund. With its ideal ballooning weather conditions and magical landscapes, combined with our professional balloon piloting skills, we are certain that you will have an unforgettable flight. İn the early morning my team will pickup you from your hotel and bring you to the flight area. Here, you will have a light breakfast with your pilot while the balloon is getting ready for fly. After Balloon is ready for fly you will get your seat in the basket. During the flight, the sky is filled up with colorful balloons (up to 100 - 150 balloons) of all colours, designs and sizes. You will able to take photo's from sky and also witnessed the sunrise. What is included ? Hotel pick-up and drop off by vehicle Hot Air Balloon Flight Certificate Champagne ceremony Full passenger insurance Total of 1 hour in the air Hotel pick- up and drop off is done only from the areas of Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos, Cavusin, Mustafapasa and Nevsehir.
Vive un atardecer único en la Capadocia
We would love to show you the Sunset of Cappadocia on Horseback - in small groups and at one of the most experienced, family-run ranches in this beautiful region. First we will pick you up from a meeting point in Göreme that is walking distance to most hotels, and take you to our horse ranch in Cavusin. Your main guide will be Musa, who as a native Cappadocian knows the trails inside out. Our Sunset Tour will take you through two valleys of Cappadocia. We will start in Cavusin, ride at a slow pace on flat ground, then start going up Rose Valley. On top of Red Valley you will experience a little bit of a thrill on narrow trails that only our horses can take you. It is a relaxed ride over all, but you have to be up for a little adventure as well. On top of Red Valley we will take a break. The horses will rest a bit, you can take in the stunning scenery. Afterwards we will see the sunset on a grass platform, take some photos for you to take home as a memory and ride back down to Cavusin. After you say bye to your horses, we will take you back to the meeting point. Please note two important things: - We have a weight limit of 90 kilos. - Our free transfer only includes Göreme. We can also send you our location upon booking, if you want to come to the ranch yourselves. Looking forward to welcoming you!
Red Tour with Kaymaklı Underground city lunch guide tickets
Needs minumum 2 people.If you want to make reservation just for 1 person please ask availability before make reservation. *****Please note that on this tour you will not visit an ordinary underground city, you will visit Kaymaklı Undergroundcity which is the most popular and largest underground city in Cappadocia.****** *****The start and end times of the tour may change depending on the intensity of the guests and museums time***** ****All of our cars have legal document***** ****IN THIS TOUR, WE WILL ALREADY VISIT POTTERY WORKSHOP AND CARPET WORKSHOP . ONE PERSON FROM GROUP CAN TRY TO MAKE ****** ****We have a travel agency and all of our cars have a insurance by the goverment when you make any other reservation please check their all legal document **** We will pick you up from your hotel and after tour drop back to your hotel. Here are the places as below that you can see the in this tour with your licensed tour guide. KAYMAKLI UNDERGROUND CITY CARPET WORKSHOP (optinal) Bottom of the Uchisar Castle Goreme Panoroma Pasabaglar(Monks Valley) mushroom fairychimney Zelve Open Air Museum AVANOS POTTERY WORKSHOP **Includes** *Transportation *Entrance fees for museums and historical sites *Professional Guide Service *Lunch Note : We do not have transfer for those who are staying in Kayseri.
Hot Air Balloons Flight Over Cappadocia Valleys-Pre Payment
-Airbnb üzerinden yapacağınız 20 euro Ön Ödeme kalan bakiye uçuş sonrası nakit olarak yapılacaktır ****PLEASE ASK ABOUT PRICE AND AVAILABILITY WITH YOUR DATES BEFORE RESERVATION **** ***Bu, tam sigorta ve profesyonel pilotlarla tavsiye ettiğimiz kapadokya'daki en büyük balon şirketidir*** - INCLUDED (HOTEL PICK UP AND DROP OFF - SNACKS -CHAMPAGNE PARTY(WITHOUT ALCOHOL) - FLIGHT CERTIFICATE - WITH FULL INSURANCE -FOR JANUARY 120 EURO P.P. -FOR FEBRUARY 120 EURO P.P. -FOR MARCH 180 EURO P.P. -FOR APRİL 220 EURO P.P. -FOR MAY 220 EURO P.P. -FOR JUNE 220 EURO P.P -FOR JULY 220 EURO P.P -FOR AUGUST 220 EURO P.P. ****Prices Can Be different after cancelations depends on density**** -Belirttiğimiz uçuş hep hayalini kurduğunuz Göreme vadileri üzerinde 100-150 balon ile yapılır - Uçuş hava durumu nedeniyle iptal edilirse hiçbir şey ödemenize gerek yoktur, çünkü uçuştan sonra bakiyeyi ödeyeceksiniz ayrıca airbnb üzerinden yapılan ön ödeme tarafınıza iade edilecektir , hangi otelde kaldığınız için ödeme konusunda endişelenmeyin. Sizin için ödemeyi kolaylaştırmak için oraya geleceğim. - Otelden alınma saati uçuştan bir gün önce verilecektir. Yaklaşık sabah (05:30- 06:00) otelinizden özel araçlarla , uçuş alanına yönlendirileceksiniz ve yaklaşık 1 saat boyunca göreme vadileri üzerinde harika manzaraya sahip uçuşunuz olacak -if you need you can ask to me Airport Transfer
Whirling Dervishes in Historical Rockcut Cave
We meet at meeting point in Göreme ( If you stay different town please let me know when you make reservation) and go to one of the old historical cave to watch dervishes! This place itself amazing and has such a interesting history. I have studied about dervishes and sufism, just to explain people better. You can watch performance different places but the most important thing is; to understand them why they do it and symbols behind.I am happy to share all of it with you. This is not fun lively touristic show, it is spiritual performance of dervishes how their meditation ceremony reaching the nirvana. Whirling dervish ceremonies were started as a form of meditation by Jalaluddin Rumi, the famous Sufi Muslim mystic and poet, in the 13th century. The Persia-born Rumi — who was living in Konya, then the capital of the Turkish Seljuk Empire — told his followers, “There are many roads which lead to God. I have chosen the one of dance and music.” He would fast, mediate and then dance to reach a state of unparalleled enlightenment. Inspired, other sects started to spread his dance, called the sema, throughout the Ottoman Empire. By the 15th century, the order had established rules for the ritual to maintain its myriad traditions. End of the ceremony we will have dervish drink and come back to hotel
Fotografía profesional y vídeos con dron en la Capadocia
First of all, I would like you to know that the price is the experience pre-booking price and you should ask for the priceThe price varies according to the classic car dress or extras you want for the photo shoot. I am a professional photographer in the Cappadocia region and we have been working to immortalize your Cappadocia memories by taking unique professional photos and drone videos of our valued guests in the Cappadocia region for the last 10 years. Experience includes: Sunrise photo shoot, classic car and dress, drone shoot, photoshop and we deliver to you with our friends. I also love meeting and talking to people, listening to their stories and sharing cultural experience...
Historical Pottery Making in Cappadocia
Cappadocia very famous with Hand Made Pottery Art because pottery art has started in Cappadocia. We are still using old school techniques and potter's wheel with natural clay. If you come Cappadocia and thinking do something for local, funny and historical; you must try to make your own pottery. If you choose me, we will meet in our potteryorkshop which is located in Avanos center. Than you will watch pottery demonstration while drinking something (we have always fresh Turkish Tea :) ). After demonstration you will try to make your own pottery. Also I know all details about this art and I will give you informations about art pieces, special designs and local culture :) I am very good at this because I am licenced Professional Tour Guide and local man of Cappadocia :) *For special dates and group size requests text me please.
Ruta en quad por Göreme, en la Capadocia
The experience can be done anytime during the day. we will pick you from your hotel. You will be provided with helmet and a Hair cap. Before the Adventure The guide will give you brief information about how to ride ATV, Bikes are automatic and everyone can use it.A professional guide who know the region very well will be group leader. you will start to most memorable adventure of your trip to Cappadocia. We wilL take you to different valleys, here are the names. Swords valley, Red valley, Rose valley, Love valley, we will stop at 3-4 locations for taking pictures and sight seeing.the trips lasts for approximately two and a half hours Private group tour can be made only during the day, Sunset tours are group tours.
Horse riding in Cappadocia with a local
Who I am? I'm Derviş. A local who loves horses and Cappadocia a lot. We have a family ranch in the village of Cavusin / Avanos /NEVSEHİR So, how about going on a unique horseback riding tour in the enchanting atmosphere of Cappadocia during the most relaxing hours of the day? What do I offer you? * Pick you up from your accomodation (or wherever you are) * Give you a helmet and inform and train you briefly at the ranch * Go horseback riding. Take photos & videos * Have our drinks and talk about our experiences at the ranch. * I'll drop you off by car back to your accomodation again. How long does it last? Tour duration is up to your request. Our regular tours are usually 1 hour or 2 hours tours. Is it safe? Even if you have no experience ,don't worry, I'll introduce you with our calm horses. First you meet and feed them and finally I tell you how to ride them safely. We wear our helmets too. According to your experience and desire we can either prefer to ride the horses ; -slow (walking), -fast (trotting), -the fastest (Galloping) What else? While riding our horses I tell you about the history of Cappadocia and take your photos,videos by the million year old rocks . So come on! Our horses are waiting for their riders.
Camel Safari in Cappadocia
Enjoy a fun and traditional dessert experience as you ride on a camel caravan to see unique views of Cappadocia. The tour takes 1.5 hours in total. Sunrise Tour Midday Tour Sunset Tour. The tour is done 3 times a day. After your hotel pickup, join your guides during the safety briefing. Get to know your new camel friends and start the safari journey.. Admire the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia as you ride into the Red and Rose Valleys. Capture incredible picture moments with hot air balloons floating in the background. Enhance your experience by donning traditional clothing, which will available for you to wear during the ride. After your camel trek, you will be driven back to your hotel.
Senderismo en Capadocia
Hiking is one of the best way to discover cappadocia! We will meet in göreme and start our hiking. We will stop at the best spots to take pictures. we are going to discover cappadocian hidden valleys and old churches with caves. We hike through special trails where there is not much tourist and amazing scenary. This is not only hiking tour its also history and geology tour . I enjoy a lot this trails and let me show you the best trails ! Ready to have local experience, Lets join! You will do this with experienced licensed tour guide, Also we can make a customised hiking activity for you and if you lıke to hike more or less, its possible. Note: you can send me different start time requests, if you would like to do it in different times . Also I can share my other suggestions about what to do in the region! After you book you can let me know if your staying in different nearby village for pick up and drop off . Looking forward to meeting with you , welcome in advance ! Best Regards
Tour rojo privado por Capadocia y una ciudad subterránea
10 EURO AIRBNB PRE PAYMENT - 120 EURO PAY AFTER TOUR BY CASH TOTALY PRICE 130 EURO 130 EURO TOTALY PRICE FOR THIS EXPERIENCE , PRICE IS NOT PER PERSON YOU CAN JOIN UP TO 4 PERSON WITH THIS PRICE EVEN İF YOU JOIN 2 OR 3 PERSON PRICE WILL BE THE SAME -Please ask availability first by message -İf you dont like group tours , I have a small taxi suitable for 4 person , I have knowledge about cappadocia and can speak english well , we can explore cappadocia together , I will stop at the spots and you visit yourself I wait you , then we go to the next stop with my taxi -Tours start 9.30 -10.00 am - Finished around 15:00-15:30(5 hours totaly) -PRIVATE TOUR WITH TAXI- (INCLUDED GASOLINE, PARKING FEE TAXI AND HOTEL PICK UP AND DROP OFF) CAPPADOCIA RED LINE ROTATION -Kaymaklı Undergroundcity -Uchısar Castle Panaroma -Göreme Open Air Museum -Love Valley -Pasabag(panorama) -Avanos(Pottery Making and Ceramic Workshop) -Avanos(Hand Made Carpets -Rugs Workshop) -Devrent(imegination valley) - Urgup Three Beauties -Ortahisar Castle Panorama - You can get unforgettable photos on these spots , as a cappadocia memories , you will enjoy these tours for sure -İf you need any support about Nevşehir Airport or Kayseri Airport I can help you for transportation
La cocina de Atilla's Cave en la Capadocia
We would love to share with you some of our local dishes that Türkiye has to offer, No just kebabs...! so we focus on sharing with our international visitors the taste of real homemade food from our country and specially Cappadocia. We encourage ourselves to cook our food with %100 organic ingredients, therefore our dishes are seasonal mostly and can change accordingly. We will cook together about two dishes in a traditional style where you can taste delicious home made food and also learn something else about our culture. See our photos and videos to get an idea about our food. We look forward to cooking together!
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